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DTL Selection shoot Thurles

5th April to 23rd April 2018

Thurles Shooting Grounds Location

Thanks to all who have booked in to shoot the ICTSA shoots in Thurles next weekend. We hope you enjoy your day and put up the score you have been hoping for.

Thurles Shooting Grounds is located on the R639 which was formerly the N8 or main Dublin Cork Road. The grounds are situated at longitude and latitude 52.691840 -7.655194. Access from the M8 is relatively easy by taking either the Junction 4 exit at Urlingford and proceeding south through the town for about 6 km or by taking the Junction 5 exit at Horse and Jockey and proceeding northward along the R639 where the grounds will be found about 3km north of the Turnpike junction for Two-Mile-Borris. The entrance is signposted on the road.


Accommodation can be found at the Horse and Jockey Hotel (in Horse & Jockey not surprisingly) or in Thurles town, in the The Anner Hotel or Hayes’ Hotel. The Castle B & B is in Two-Mile-Borris and Lisheen Castle is at Moyne.


Tea, coffee, water, soft drinks, snacks and freshly made sandwiches will be available on the grounds throughout the shoots. Other than at Thurles or the Horse and Jockey, places to eat can be found in Urlingford where Kavanaghs Filling Station can supply a Jumbo Breakfast Roll early on Sunday morning or where the chip shops will be open later on.


At present, the numbers for two squads are booked in for 10am. The numbers for 4 squads are booked in for 12:30pm. Squads will have to be made up from whatever shooters are available. While there is still plenty of room we would prefer if you let us know if you are coming but please work to those times rather than arriving between them as bookings will get precedence.


There are 4 waves comprising 8 squads each timed 2 ¼ hours apart. Times of waves are:

Wave 1 9:45am

Wave 2 12pm

Wave 3 2:15pm

Wave 4 4:30pm

Please be on the grounds 45 minutes in advance of your booking to allow time for your preparations and for check-in. No allowance will be made for those late for starting times. Sorry!

Hoping the only clouds in the sky will be the little black ones in front of the trap houses!

SQUAD 1 1   M11247 Paul Finucane A S
  2   M11231 David Barrett A S
  3   C11310 Patrick O'Connor B SV
  4   M10335 David Hennessy B V
  5     Jamie Kearns   #N/A
SQUAD 2 6   L10834 Daniel O'Hara AA J
  7   M5676 Martin Garrihy A SV
  8   rU11120 Jamie Hughes B J
  9   RU6726 Bernadette Quinn A L
  10   M6557 Tony O'Brien B SV
SQUAD 3 11   M1004 Dino Divito B V
  12   M11266 Adrian Curran N/C S
  13   M11265 Timmy Casey N/C S
  14   RU6724 Phelim Hugh Quinn AA S
  15   C5765 Sean Hoban B V
SQUAD 4 16   L6251 Mervyn Molyneaux A V
  17   L247 Liam Carney C V
  18   M5676 Martin Garrihy A SV
  19   RU1508 Phelim Quinn A SV
  20   C11109 Patrick Lawrence A S
SQUAD 5 21   C5432 Kevin Finnerty A S
  22   C9250 Ronan Morris A S
  23   C4001 Stephen Kelly A S
  24   C9131 David McCormack A V
  25   RU9156 SG McNamee AA S
SQUAD 6 26   M6538 Willie O'Sullivan A SV
  27   L5034 Peter Atkins C SV
  28   L11185 Elijah Dunphy A C
  29   M6224 Eugene Murphy A SV
  30   M10096 Alan Clifford A S
SQUAD 7 31   L185 Patrick Cullen B V
  32   L7022 John E Troy B V
  33   L5251 Joe Coffey C V
  34   L464 Maura Walsh B L
  35   L10618 Richard D Stapleton A SV
SQUAD 8 36   L6225 Sylvester Morrell C SV
  37   L6394 Pat McManamon C SV
  38   L168 Maurice Codd B V
  39   L5323 Michael Dalton A SV
  40   C11230 Gary Cunningham B S
SQUAD 9 41   L8679 Roy Dunne A S
  42   L10929 Niall Gilmore A S
  43   C10350 Michael D'Arcy AA V
  44   C10984 Shane D'Arcy A JJ
  45   L10913 John Gilmore C SV
SQUAD 10 46   L9253 Colm McEvoy A S
  47   L219 Lawrence Coogan AA S
  48   L9241 Oliver McNamara A S
  49   L8353 Brendan Behan A S
  50   L6702 Paddy Peters AA S
SQUAD 11 51   RU11104 Ryan O'Neill B S
  52   RU11105 Jonathan O'Neill AA S
  53     Roddy Milne   #N/A
  54   RU11160 Charlotte Kennedy B L
  55   RU11119 James Doran A SV
SQUAD 12 56   M6693 Kevin Purcell AA S
  57   M6617 John Purcell A V
  58   M11122 Conor Wall C JJ
  59   RU5437 Gerry Ellis A V
  60   C9263 Damien O'Beirne A S
SQUAD 13 61   L1116 George Fawcett C V
  62   RU11114 Damien Kelly A S
  63   RU11107 David McGroary A S
  64   C8633 David Duane A S
  65   C8647 Billy Duane A V
SQUAD 14 66   RU11087 Cathy Gavigan B L
  67   M10717 Tony Shanahan A S
  68   M10749 Martin Shanahan A S
  69   M10926 Brian Shanahan A J
  70   M11123 Cian Shanahan C C
SQUAD 15 71   M841 Denis McCarthy C V
  72   M11308 Robert Downey A SV
  73   M7371 Richard Walsh B SV
  74   M11215 David Ryan C S
  75   M10587 Denis Carroll B V
SQUAD 16 76   M470 Jerry Walsh A S
  77   M10474 Liam Walsh AA S
  78   M7348 Joe Walsh A s
  79   M10584 Colm Dowling AA S
  80   M10677 Tom O'Leary B S
SQUAD 17 81   M10465 Darragh Fitzgerald A S
  82   M6115 Richard Lewis A SV
  83   M1958 Mathew Sheedy A V
  84   C6126 Gerard Lawless AA s
  85   C6442 Michael Noone AA S
SQUAD 18 86   L9151 Cahal McDonald AA S
  87   L4016 Noel Kearns A v
  88   C10247 Terence J Kelly A V
  89   C11060 Katie Forde B L J
  90   C9256 Alan O'Rourke A S
SQUAD 19 91   RU718G Frank McKay B SV
  92   RU11062 David Stuart Gwynne A SV
  93   RU11056 Brian Ferguson A S
  94   RU997Y Lawrence O'Neill AA s
  95   RU11249 Kevin Boyle A S
SQUAD 20 96   L11223 Diarmuid Gorman B J
  97   L10893 James Finlay B S
  98   L803 Anthony McEvoy A S
  99   L195 John Clooney AA S
  100   L11183 Tony Burke B S
SQUAD 21 101   RU11232 Shaun McCluskey C SV
  102   RU11383 Dominic Devlin N/C S
  103   RU11251 Martin Boyle C SV
  104   RU11300 Gavin Corr AA S
  105   RU11354 Ciaran Coyle N/C S
SQUAD 22 106   RU11078 Declan Canavan B S
  107   M11184 Cian O'Donoghue B JJ
  108   M11049 Pat Hickey B S
  109   M9310 Gerard O'Donoghue B S
  110   RU11329 Darren O'Hagan A S
SQUAD 23 111   RU3628 Gerard McCoy AA s
  112   RU11358 Nigel Graham AA S
  113   RU511G James Henry AA s
  114   RU34Q Sean M McGeehan AA s
  115   RU370D Jim Doherty AA S
SQUAD 24 116   RU702Z John Bach A SV
  117   RU960z Jens Bach B S
  118   RU123ii Adrian Quinn C S
  119   L6278 David Malone AA S
  120   RU174K Thomas A Cunningham AA s
SQUAD 25 121   M506 Michael O'Dwyer C SV
  122   L10853 Tony McKeown B V
  123   C645 Noel Maughan N/C S
  124   C10490 Malachy Moran A V
  125   L6710 John Quigley A S
SQUAD 26 126   M5414 Tom Ely N/C S
  127   L5247 John Culleton C SV
  128   L5264 Chris Culleton C SV
  129   M8527 Patrick Collins B V
  130   L400 Peter Keating B V
SQUAD 27 131   M7336 Noel Walsh C SV
  132   M11213 Don Treacy B V
  133   M10988 Kevin Poff AA S
  134   M10485 John Gleeson A S
  135   M11072 Noel Conroy A S
SQUAD 28 136   M5397 Sean O'Donovan C SV
  137   M1288 John Hogan B SV
  138   M8783 Gerard Leonard B V
  139   M6343 Tom McNamara C SV
  140   M11044 Sean Jones C S
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