European Championship Shotgun


Date / Day Time Details

3 SEP - Tuesday Arrival of Delegations

4 SEP - Wednesday Equipment Control Consultation Service Trap PET Trap W-WJ + PET Trap M-MJ Day 1 Technical Meeting Opening Ceremony

5 SEP - Thursday Qualification Trap W-WJ Day 1 PET M-MJ Day 2

6 SEP - Friday Qualification Trap W-WJ Day 2 Qualification Trap M-MJ Day 1 Finals Trap W-WJ Victory Ceremony Trap W-WJ

7 SEP - Saturday Qualification Trap M-MJ Day 2 Finals Trap M-MJ Victory Ceremony Trap M-MJ

8 SEP - Sunday Trap Teams Finals (QF-SF-MM) M-MJ-W-WJ Victory Ceremony Trap Teams

9 SEP - Monday Competition Trap Mixed Team M-W-MJ-WJ PET Double Trap M-MJ-W-WJ Victory Ceremony Trap Mixed Team

10 SEP - Tuesday Competition Double Trap M-MJ-W-WJ OT Skeet M-MJ-W-WJ Victory Ceremony Double trap

11 SEP - Friday Equipment Control Consultation Service Skeet PET Skeet W-WJ + PET Skeet M-MJ Day 1

12 SEP - Thursday Qualification Skeet W-WJ Day 1 PET Skeet M-MJ Day 2

13 SEP - Friday Qualification Skeet W-WJ Day 2 Qualification Skeet M-MJ Day 1 Finals Skeet W-WJ Victory Ceremony Skeet W-WJ

14 SEP - Saturday Qualification Skeet M-MJ Day 2 Finals Skeet M-MJ Victory Ceremony Skeet M-MJ

15 SEP - Sunday Skeet Teams Finals (QF-SF-MM) M-MJ-W-WJ Victory Ceremony Skeet Teams

16 SEP - Monday Competition Skeet Mixed Team M-W-MJ-WJ Victory Ceremony Skeet Mixed Team Closing Ceremony Farewell Buffet Dinner

17 SEP - Tuesday Departure of Delegations