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We are calling all members to register and pay their membership online using the new ICTSA website.


  • In order for you or your child to become a member you must first open an account on the ICTSA website. Click here to open account + register
  • Only Adults (over 18) can open an account on ictsa.ie
  • You will then register yourself and/or spouse/partner/children (Colts) under your account. 
  • You must then pay for your ICTSA Membership. You can do this by clicking on the 'Pay Now' button on your account dashboard or whilst logged in and going to our membership shop.
  • You can Pay With PayPal or Realex
  • If using PayPal: Pay Now button will bring you to the ICTSA subscription account set up with PayPal. 
  • You do not have to open a PayPal account in order to pay your subscription.
  • To pay with out a PayPal account you must click on the 'GREY' coloured button at the bottom of the PayPal page. It has the words " PAY WITH DEBIT OR CREDIT CARD"
  • You will immediately receive a receipt (via e-mail) from PayPal for your paid subscription, it can take a few days for this appear on your website account.
  • If you want to register your children (Colts) as members (and not yourself), you must still open an account in your name and only add your children (Colts) as members to this account.
  • You can add further family members to your account at any time by logging in to your account using the User Name and Password that you created at the start.

The ICTSA is aware that this is a new process but the rewards to the association, its members and volunteers will be invaluable.
It massively reduces the labour involved in processing membership applications manual, which is of significant benefit to our volunteers.

In the coming years, you wil only have to log in to your account and pay your subscription.

*** You must have an Account and be logged in to pay for membership***

Click Here to Open Account  

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