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Code of Ethics Manual

The Code of Ethics and Good Practice for Children's Sport in Ireland is for the benefit of everyone involved in children's sport - children, parents/guardians and Sports Leaders, etc. By following the principles, policy and practice guidelines contained in the Code, adult sport leaders are playing their part in providing an enjoyable and safe environment in which children can learn and thrive. As citizens, adults have a responsibility to protect children from harm and to abide by government guidelines in responding to and reporting child protection concerns.

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application/pdf Chapter 1 - Principles.pdf (3.08 MB)
application/pdf Chapter 2 - People.pdf (380.81 KB)
application/pdf Chapter 3 - Policy & Procedures.pdf (2.47 MB)
application/pdf Chapter 4 - Practice.pdf (396.41 KB)
application/pdf Chapter 5 - Protection.pdf (1.91 MB)
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