All members should familiarise themselves with the rules and regulations which apply to Ireland Team members.

Any queries regarding leader boards should be sent to statistical@ictsa.ie

To qualify for a team place in 2020, ALL team members will be required to provide proof of the necessary permit for each event. When completing the team acceptance form you will be required to show a copy of your firearms permit for the country you are attending.


Competitors wishing to take part in the 2020 selection process for the Home Countries International Tournament must declare their category (Senior, Veterans and Super-Veterans) before Sunday 19th of January 2020 to the statistical officer of the ICTSA by email statistical@ictsa.ie

After this date all shooters will be categorised automatically on their date of birth.

ICTSC Olympic Skeet HCIT, TBC, England on Saturday 15th August 2020.

Selection procedure for the HCIT in Olympic Skeet 2020 is as follows:

From 1st September 2019 to cut off point on 19th July 2020, the 4 best scores plus best one of three two-day selection shoots. 600 targets to count in total for seniors.

Only one score can be counted from a Non ICTSA Event. With no more than two scores to count from any one ground (excluding best 1 of 3 possible selection shoots, so a shooter can count best selection shoot plus 2 other scores from the ground where the best selection shoot score was generated.)

Selection shoots: 200 targets (Saturday score + Sunday score combined) from 1 of 3 selection weekends. Dates TBC

Dates to follow:

Selection 1

Selection 2

Selection 3

The highest score from one of these two-day shoots will be used as each shooter’s selection shoot score but any other scores from the remaining shoots will be added to the leaderboard in the normal way.

Ladies, Juniors, Vets and Super vets:

The same format will be used as per the senior’s format above.

ISSF Selection shoot procedures for 2020

Cyprus World Cup 1 – 4th March to 13th March. Selection Shoot at Lispopple 5th & 6th October 2019

New Delhi India World Cup 2 – 15th March to 26th March. Selection Shoot at TBC

Tokyo Test Event – 15th April to 27th April. Selection Shoot at TBC

European Championship France (last quota place event) – 6th May to 20th May - Selection shoot at Lispopple 5th & 6th October 2019.

Where there are sufficient ladies (more than two) shooting for selection a separate ladies final shall be held. Ladies will NOT be included in the men’s final.

No shooter will be considered if they have not shot the selection shoot, this will apply to ladies and men.

All 2020 events will have a relevant corresponding two-day 125 target (75 on Saturday and 50 on Sunday) selection shoot with a Current ISSF Format Skeet final for the top 6 qualifiers, the final to be run as per current ISSF Skeet Final Format Rules.

Scores from qualification rounds will not be carried into final. The winner of the final will be awarded first available team place, and second place awarded the next available place and third the next available place.

When all team places are allocated through the scoring placement mechanism then the next highest score will be awarded the opportunity to shoot at the targeted event in an MQS position if there are MQS places at the targeted event.

In the event of 1st, 2nd, 3rd, place not wishing to accept a team place then the place will be offered to subsequent placed shooters in the final. No other consideration will be given to any other shooter that does not make the final.

All shooters participating in the selection shoot are to hold an ISSF Athlete number at the time of the selection shoot competition. Failure to have an ISSF number at the time of selection event will exclude entry to the final’s competition.

Any person wishing to take up a team position at an ISSF/ESC event must have shot at least one MCS (Minimum consideration score) of 87 (in Ireland) or 91 (overseas) in the previous calendar year.

Only 24gram shot loads are permissible for use in ISSF/ESC selection shoot competitions.

All shooters wishing to accept a team place must declare their intentions to travel no more than 7 days from the date of the event or sooner if required and duly notified. It is the responsibility of the each shooter to accept their place by emailing the ISSF team acceptance form to the statistical officer at statistical@ictsa.ie and copied to the honorary secretary at honsec@ictsa.ie

The board are NOT obliged to consider any shooter who has not submitted an acceptance form within the 7 days.