Launch of a new Associate Club Membership

   01 Feb 2017

A new Associate Club Membership has been launched to help promote and develop new clubs in Ireland called "Associate Club Membership"

This membership allows clubs that join to avail of the following.

Membership to the National Governing Body of Clay Target Shooting in Ireland.

Club Insurance.

Courses to up skill clubs membership.

Promotion of the Club on the ICTSA website.

Continuous information regarding rules and regulations for shooting the different disciplines.

Use of FITASC Disciplines.


In addition if an Associate Club wishes to run "Registered" events a fee of €75 euro will apply on the day of the shoot including the normal shooters levies.

The cost of this new membership is €150 per year.

For more information please email honsec@icpsa.ie or chairman@icpsa.ie 


Requirements / Definition of a Club:

The basic requirements that define a Club must be met

1. All members of the Club  must be members of the ICTSA

2. The club profit/surplus must be divided equally among all club members

3. The Club must have an elected Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer

4. The Club Constitution must be sent to the Hon. Secretary of the ICTSA for review

5. A list of members must be supplied


It does not  apply to Commercial Grounds or Trade type groups.