Members Classes 2024

Members age category in red indicates that member has elected to shoot an age category below their actual age category for 2024. 

Please note the following information regarding the declaration of age categories:

  • All members are automatically classified into an age category every year, based on their date of birth. Age categories are Colt, Junior, Senior, Veteran and Super Veteran.
  • ICTSA Rule 7.15 allows members to declare to compete in an age category below (or above) their actual age category in any year. For example a veteran can declare to compete as a senior, or a junior can declare as a senior.
  • Age category declarations will carry over from last year. So, for anyone that declared for an age category last year and want to compete in the same category this year no action is required (provided their declared age category is reflected on the classification list).
  • Declarations for age categories should be sent to: statistical@ictsa.ie
  • Age category declarations must be submitted on or before 31 January.
  • Declared age categories are shown in red on the classification list on the website
  • The 2023 classification lists are published weekly on the website from 1 November 2022,  classifications and age categories are only visible for paid members.
  • The ICTSA only store one age categorisation per member. Therefore, any declaration to shoot in a particular age category will apply for both domestic competitions, as well as team selection, and so on.