NI Visitor Shotgun Permit

Visitors Permit Application Form Instructions

To download the application form, go to www.PSNIFirearmsVisitorsPermit.co.uk

Page 1Complete ONLY:
• Name
• Date of birth
• Home Address of visitor
• Postcode or Zip code
• Tel No (including international code)
• Fax No (if applicable)
• Firearms
o Make
o Type
o Serial No
o Calibre or Gauge
o Other Distinguishing Marks (if any)

Page 2 LEAVE BLANK (sponsor will complete)

• Photocopy (front and back) of Domestic Certificate for each firearm.
• Euro Pass or photocopy of every page (front to back)

To avail of a full year’s visitor’s Certificate:
Ensure Domestic Certificates and Euro Pass are updated (as visitors permit duration will only be granted to the earliest expiry date of either)

Completed application and €30.00 fee via registered post to:
Neil McCann
33 Brookmount road
Co. Tyrone

BT 78 5HZ

Any inquires contact Neil: 0044 7746 336253