Child Safeguarding Process for Grounds

All ICTSA affilaited grounds are required to complete the following process to implement Child Safeguarding into their core activities

The 6 Steps to Compliance for Grounds

Step 1.

Nominate a club member/s as “Designated Liaison Person” (DLP) and “Clubs Childrens Officer” (CCO). These roles can be the same person or two separate people, but the ICTSA recommends that one person fills both roles. Email the name and membership number of this person/s to the ICTSA National Childrens Officer at child.safety@ictsa.ie

Step 2.

The club / shooting grounds complete an on-line self -assessment questionnaire. The National Childrens Officer will provide the clubs / grounds with a link to the Sports Ireland platform used and will assist them through the process to complete the questionnaire. This questionnaire is to see if the club has met its legal requirements under the safety of children act, and has about 20 questions whereby you answer (1) Fully met, (2) Partially met, or (3) Not Met. In each answer there is a box to complete giving evidence of your compliance. The link / self-assessment is a work-in-progress and each club is able to update the questionnaire over a period of time as they meet all of the requirements.

Step 3.

DLP / CCO must complete the safeguarding training relevant to their role. CCO Safeguarding 1 and Safeguarding 2. DLP Safeguarding 1 and Safeguarding 3. If the same person is appointed to both role of the CCO and DLP, they must complete Safeguarding 1, 2, & 3. These are now on-line (evening) courses approx. 3 hours long and cover the legislation, the Do’s & Don’ts regarding under 18’s and vulnerable children involved in sports. They also include various scenarios and then the attendees discuss how it should be dealt with etc.

Step 4.

The DLP / CCO gets garda vetted through the ICTSA / Sports Ireland / Garda Vetting Bureau. Further information on the vetting process can be downloaded here. Completed hard copy applications are signed off by AG / AM and sent to Sports Ire who in turn send back an on-line link to be completed by the applicant which is then processed electronically via the garda vetting bureau. Applicants are required to complete both the Vetting Service ID form available here as well as the Vetting Invitation Form available here

Step 5.

The Club / shooting grounds complete a “Child Safety Statement” & “Risk Assessment”. Sports Ireland have provided us with templates which can be downloaded here. Each club / grounds must adopt these as their commitment / procedures to child safety etc.

Step 6 - Complete and Publish a Child Protection Complaints Procedure. A template is provided for grounds below.