Social Media Policy

The purpose of this policy is to provide guidelines on social media and cyber bullying for the protection of the health, safety and well-being of all Irish Clay Target Shooting Association members and those who participate in the activities of the Irish Clay Target Shooting Association.

This guidance document should not be considered in isolation but needs to be read in conjunction with a number of other ICTSA policy documents, including the ICTSA Privacy & Data Protection Policy, ICTSA Constitution and the ICTSA Day to Day Operating Rules and Bye-Laws. The relevant policies can be read in full on www.ictsa.ie

This policy on social media applies to all ICTSA members and/or employees. Social media is the collective term referring to social and professional networking platforms (for example Facebook, Messenger, LinkedIn, MySpace, Instagram, Whatsapp), microblogs (such as Twitter), blogs, wikis, boards and other similar online fora and the policy extends to all such sites and incorporates any future developments of such media. Breaches of this policy will be investigated, and the association retains the right to take disciplinary action.

Cyber Bullying:

Bullying and harassment in all forms is regarded by the Irish Clay Target Shooting Association as unacceptable. With social media in all its forms so easily accessible the opportunity to post and receive unwanted, improper comments and statements has dramatically increased.

Messages or statements made using social media are largely instantaneous and while a useful medium to promote our sport, improper use of this medium to post inappropriate messages are a form of cyber bullying. Bullying has the potential to cause great anxiety and distress to the person who has been the target of abusive/improper comments or statements. In some cases, bullying is regarded as a criminal offence.

Frustration at a referee, another competitor, club member, club official, coach, visitor or governing body should never be communicated on social network channels, but rather by way of reasoned, logical verbal and written statements through the proper channels.

Social Media Policy

The Irish Clay Target Shooting Association acknowledges the emergence of new technology, constantly evolving communication mediums and wishes to enable such new media to be used to benefit the sport, its participants and to applaud achievements.

The benefits can be instantaneous due to the immediate nature of social media communication to an appropriate audience using all available social media forums. However, participants within the sport need to be mindful of a few key points while using this immediate form of communication that could lead to its inappropriate use, at times unintended and at other times without a proper understanding that once comments are made or published, they remain in the public forum for a long time and difficult to retract.

In reality you lose control of the published articles.

The ICTSA board advises that you;

  • Do not ever comment on rumours, don’t deny or affirm them or speculate about them.
  • Do not include personal information of others in social media channels.
  • Do not use the Irish Clay Target Shooting Association logo without written permission from the board.
  • Do not publish matters discussed at Board & Discipline Representatives meetings without prior ICTSA board approval as these items may be considered confidential or non-public.
  • Do not use offensive, provocative, spiteful or insensitive language.
  • Do not publish anything that may bring the reputation of the Irish Clay Target Shooting Association, its Teams, Sub-Committees, Clubs, Board of Directors or individual Members into disrepute.

The ICTSA recommends that you:

  • Do not include personal information of yourself in social media channels.
  • Use your best judgement - Do not publish something that makes you feel the slightest bit uncomfortable, and never write/publish if you are feeling emotional, upset or intoxicated.
  • Always use social media forums to add value and promote the sport in a positive way.

Any member found to be in breach of the ICTSA Social Media Policy may be disciplined and/or have their membership revoked or refused.


Reviewed: 09/06/2022