Photography and Recording Policy


The ICTSA endorses the use of photographs and use of videoing of shoots, training and coaching sessions, and association/club events to promote clay shooting and our sport in general.

This Policy is designed to bring together safeguards to minimise the risk or threats that inappropriate use of photographs or the recording of images may pose, particularly for our junior Members.

These safeguards should still permit and facilitate:

  • the recording of relevant and suitable material to promote our sport,
  • the photographing and recording of the enjoyment gained by participating in our sport,
  • coaches to use the latest technology in the delivery of training skills
  • enable the association and our club’s promote its activities in a safe and non-threatening manner.

The above can be through a number of appropriate channels

  • for use on the association and our club website’s or social media channels,
  • through press and broadcast media,
  • for display on printed material or display boards.

Our key concerns regarding the use of images and photographs of children/young people relate to:

The possible identification of children when a photograph is accompanied by personal information and its inappropriate use thereafter.

The inappropriate use, adaptation or copying of images for use in child pornography or for illegal or inappropriate website use.

The taking of inappropriate photographs or recorded images of children.

The ICTSA will always strive to adopt a common-sense approach when deciding on what may or may not be appropriate as we do not wish to prohibit the recording of shoots, coaching or celebrations at any level using photography or by recording on video equipment.

This Policy aims to, at the outset, provide clarification for all concerned.

The Policy

The ICTSA assumes permission from parents/guardians and juniors for the consent of the taking and publication of images and recording of video to promote the ICTSA and clay shooting. For junior’s, such permission will be informed of on Membership application form. All juniors featured in images or recordings must be appropriately dressed.

The photography or recording should focus on the activity rather than a particular young person. No personal details relating to the young person should be revealed as accompanying materials to the photograph or recorded image.

Clubs, coaches and volunteers should be permitted to use video equipment as a legitimate coaching aid and as a means of recording special occasions; however, care should be taken in the dissemination, storage and use of such material.

Parents and spectators taking photographs/recordings should seek permission in advance from the association/Club and should also be prepared to identify themselves if requested and state the purpose for their photography/filming. If association/Club personnel are unhappy about any matter relating to such photography the permission granted should be withdrawn immediately.

Group and team photographs may be taken for junior teams. But within media and any social media, a player will not be named in the position in which they may be standing or seated in the team photograph. This is a precautionary measure arising from possible misuse of photographs to exploit a junior.

It may be deemed appropriate for a photograph to be featured in the association national shooting grounds or a club house.

It is recognised that on certain occasions individual young people may receive recognition and may be presented with an award. When this happens in the case of an underage shooter certain levels of sensitivity and indeed common sense are required and a balance should be drawn between the publication of a photograph of an individual, who may or may not be named, and the safety aspects of publication. Any such photography or recording of events that involves individual presentations should be discussed in advance of the event and agreement reached with all parties, including the association, club, parents and the young person themselves, as to what is and what is not permitted.

Any individual – parent, mentor, member, supporter or person from the wider public – who has concern in respect of any inappropriate picture taking, use of images or recording relating to the ICTSA or an affiliated club’ should report to the ICTSA National Children’s Officer and failing that the ICTSA Chairman. They may also bring it to the attention of the relevant statutory authorities if deemed appropriate.

Photography and the recording of images in the National Shooting Grounds or on club grounds does not generally require explicit or prior consent. However, if an event e.g. a shoot or training session is taking place, involving underage shooters a person in charge/mentor, or club personnel is entitled to request a person to desist from taking photos if they feel that such action or photography may be inappropriate. A shooter, supporter or spectator may bring such incident/incidences to the attention of association or club official and ask they address the matter forthwith.

For queries on this policy, please contact child.safety@ictsa.ie