UK Visitor Shotgun Permit

You can apply for a Visitor Shotgun Permit (VSP) to Great Britain on the CPSA website at the following link:


Prior to applying for a Visitor Shotgun Permit please ensure you are allowing at least 8 weeks.

The CPSA have been informed by Surrey Police that they will NOT under any circumstances process an application quicker than 6 weeks. In addition to this the CPSA also need time to check the accuracy and completeness of documentation before they can submit it and allow for postal times back to Ireland.

If your VSP arrival date is less than 8 weeks away, please do not apply to the CPSA and kindly make alternative arrangements.

Grant of the permit will allow import and use of the listed firearms and/or the acquisition of approved firearms for use and export. The CPSA will act as the overseas visitor's sponsor for the purposes of making the application. The CPSA will not sponsor applications for any other type of firearm.

It is an offence for any persons to knowingly or recklessly make a false statement for the purpose of procuring the grant of a permit.

The current cost of a visitor’s shotgun permit to Great Britain is £40.00 (excluding postage).