Shoot Programme


The Data in ICTSA Shoot Programme’s is Private and Confidential to the ICTSA.

It contains data on members in its embedded database.

ICTSA members, clubs, shooting grounds and their agents and/or employees who are sent this Shoot Programme and who use this Shoot Programme are bound by the Data Protection Policy of the ICTSA and are individually responsible for compliance with the Data Protection Act 2018 as amended.

A copy of the Data Protection Policy can be found here


Please note that disclosure of its contents is a breach of the Data Protection Policy

Your data protection responsibilities include:

  • Ensuring that only Shoot Administration Personnel within a Club have access to it.
  • Ensuring that all such personnel must read and comply with these rules and responsibilities.
  • Securing it and keeping it safe.
  • Ensuring that it must be used solely for the specific purpose intended -– i.e. Shoot Administration.
  • Disclosure of its contents is a breach of the Data Protection Policy
  • Keeping it for as short a time as possible
  • Returning it to the Statistical Officer of the ICTSA, with completed results, etc.
  • Retaining it no longer than is necessary for the specific purpose(s) intended.
  • When it has been received and confirmed secured by the Statistical Officer, it should be deleted, and no copies kept.

Any inquiries about this or our Data Protection Policy should be made to ICTSA Data Protection Liaison (DPL) at dataprotect@ictsa.ie