Do you need a Classification?

   09 May 2022

Here is how to apply for your classification...




To obtain a classification in a discipline you need to have shot the minimum requirement of scores for that discipline (see below rule 6.07) to obtain a classification.

In the case of disciplines you already have a classification in; if you shot the required amount last year before renewing your membership, those classifications will have been automatically updated for 2022 and published on the members classification list here: www.ictsa.ie/membership-4/classifications/members-classes-2022

If you shot less than the required amount you will have carried the previous classification you had, or you will be non-classed where there was not one previously.

To get a new classification, you need to email statistical@ictsa.ie with the following form:


For most disciplines you will need 3 scores (UT and Sportrap 1 score only required). There is no time limit on when these were scored, however they must be shot with your ICTSA membership number at registered competitions of the ICTSA or affiliated associations.


Rules around classification can be found in the day-to-day rules of hte ICTSA: www.ictsa.ie/rules/ictsa


On 9th May 2022 the rules read as follows:

6.01 Members will hold their classifications indefinitely until a new class is warranted under 6.09.

6.02 The Statistical Officer’s books will close at the end of August each year and new classifications will be made available once the cut off
points have been notified by the ICTSC

6.03 Members classifications run from 1st January to 31st December annually.

6.04 Scores are only acceptable for ICTSA selection processes or classification purposes if the participant enters the event in question using their ICTSA membership number.

6.05 Where a Member holds more than one classification in a discipline as a result of membership of multiple Associations, they must enter all competitions in the highest class. The onus for compliance with this rule rests with the individual Member.

6.06 Where a member holds a higher class than that assigned by the ICTSA they must notify the ICTSA Honorary Secretary so that provision may be made in shoot programmes.

6.07 A Member must return three registered scores in any discipline except Sportrap or UT to receive an average and a class in that discipline for the following year. In Sportrap and UT one score shall be sufficient for a class. Where less than three registered scores are returned, no average will be awarded and any class previously assigned will be maintained.

6.08 In the case of new members or where an existing member does not hold a classification from the previous year, they may be classified on their scores over their first three shoots. In such a case, members are however liable to be reclassified up or down during the year should their scores warrant such a move.

6.09 Any person whose membership is lapsed for three years or more will be classified in accordance with rule 6.09 upon rejoining the Association.


For more on classifications please follow the link: www.ictsa.ie/membership-4/classifications/classification-info