HPX Knowledge Exchange Conference 6th & 7th October 2017

   12 Aug 2017

“Ireland’s Largest Gathering of High Performance Expertise”

In 2013, the Institute of Sport (now the Sport Ireland Institute) identified the need to create and stage compelling knowledge exchange events in order to create a debate on current concepts of world class practice while building relationships in order to enhance multi-disciplinary teamwork in the field.

Since 2013, two major conferences have been completed which have addressed key themes central to the role of coaches, science & medical professionals and performance leaders. In 2014, the HPX Conference addressed the role of Culture and Philosophy in driving excellence from a professional practice perspective. Meanwhile in 2015, the HPX Conference addressed a fundamental yet highly significant question (“What is World Class?”) concerning the standards required to achieve world-class outcomes on the global stage. These conferences have provided much needed opportunities for coaches, leaders and science professionals to connect in one space and stimulate best practice teamwork.

2017 marks a new level of ambition for the HPX Knowledge Exchange Conference. We have confirmed over 40 speakers from 9 countries to share their key lessons learned across a range of key human performance domains.

Theme: “Lessons Learned from High Performance Sport: The 2020 Evolution”


Showcase some of key lessons identified by top athletes, coaches, science professionals and performance leaders during the Rio 2016 cycle;

Explore the role of talent development in shaping the future of high performance sport.

Our Target Audience – 650 Knowledge Thirsty Learners!

The content of this conference is designed with the following audience in mind:

1.     High Performance Coaches working in professional or amateur elite sport
2.     National Sports Bodies Managers & Leaders
3.     Sport Science & Medical Professionals working in professional or amateur elite sport
4.     Academic Leaders and Student from a Sport Science & Management background.

For further info go to www.hpx.ie