Leinster League 2017 Handicap Rules, Entry Fees, Prizes etc

   15 Feb 2017

General Info

The entry fee at each event is
€15 for ICTSA members
€20 for non-ICTSA members or lapsed ICTSA members.
There are no restrictions on the number of times the €20 entry can be availed of in the year.

Re-entry at an event is allowed but for birds only.

Colts and Juniors pay just €5 per event.
ICTSA members who are Colts and Juniors  -  entry is free.


The League is open to all licenced shotgun holders.


AA - Scratch
A    +3
B    + 6
C    + 10
D    +14

Max Score with handicap is capped at 47



Prizes in 2017:

Over 10,000 cartridges were given out in 2016.
With Sponsorship and increase participation we hope to far exceed that this year with a target of 15,000+.

Individual Prizes:
–   This Year a Rizzini Shotgun will be the top prize, competed for on a PARTICIPATION and Raffle basis.

–   Trophies
–   Medals
–  Thousands of cartridges

Club Prizes:   – In 2016 this was   1st: €300,   2nd:  €200   3rd:  €100
We expect to exceed this in 2017




2017  League Format:

The League is open to Clay Clubs and Game Clubs, Teams of Shooters and Individuals.

There’s no charge for being part of the League or for entering a team.
It’s not only  Inter Club but is also Inter Team and  includes non-Club Individuals as well.
The League is there to promote Clay Shooting at very reasonable prices and all surplus monies are ploughed back in as prizes for the participants.
Prizes are divide up over all the Classes and based on Handicaps to ensure a level playing field for beginners and less experienced people.

The League is open to beginners and improvers at Clay Shooting.
It is also open to game shooters who want to hone their shooting skills in the off-season.

If you are looking for a clay shoot where there is a friendly, welcoming atmosphere and where you will get coaching on the stand as you shoot, from experienced shooters, then this League is for you.

It’s based on Sporting Shooting and the standard for targets are designed to be softer than at an ICTSA Registered Shoot.

It’s usually run over 50 Targets.



Safety First:

All ICTSA safety rules  fully apply and must be adhered to.

Wearing of Eye and Ear Protection is compulsory.

Guns must be carried OPEN and EMPTY.
Semi Autos - MUST have a Chamber Flag inserted and be carried with muzzle VERTICALLY in the air.



Possibilities: (Endless)   - Pathway

The League has always been a feeder event for the introduction of new people to the ICTSA, ever since it was established by people like Des Foley, a former Chairman of the ICPSA, and others, back in 1979.

As participants become more skilled and confident, the aim is for them to move towards participation in Registered 100 Bird Shoots and join the ICTSA, if they are not already members.

Being part of the ICTSA affords a person the opportunity of entry to increasingly higher levels of competition across multiple shooting disciplines, not just Sporting,  like DTL, ABT, Skeet, FITASC, COMPAK, Olympic Sheet and Olympic Trap, to mention but a few.


Many of the people who started shooting the League many years ago, have since shot on International Teams for Ireland, and who knows there is also the opportunity and possibility of representing the country in the Olympics some day. There is a defined Pathway from the novice, the whole way to the top.