New Ladies DTL League

   26 Apr 2017

ICTSA would like to introduce the Irish Ladies DTL League. This will consist of shooters being categorised into two divisions depending on their classification, eg  AA and A will compete together B and C likewise. This league will consist of four competitions being selected where points will be awarded depending on the position of finish for example the format will be 1st place=20 points
                                                                              2nd place=18 points
                                                                              3rd place= 16 points and so on

The same points system will occur at each competition, points of each shooter will be recorded and added all together at the end of the final competition, to establish the overall champions of the Senior and Junior Divisons. If a tie should occur it will be decided on count back of the least targets dropped over all four competitions. If a tie still occurs it will be decided on which of the two shooters dropped the last point will forfeit the win.

The four Competitions are as follows :

Gold Cup -Ashbourne (30/4/2017)
Irish Open -Ashbourne (4/6/2017)
Inter-pro- Monaghan (24+25/6/2017)

Attendance for all competitions highlighted is essential for eligiblity."