20 Nov 2019

NOTICE is hereby given that the 86th Annual General Meeting of the Irish Clay Target Shooting Association has been rescheduled to be be held at the Midlands Park Hotel, Jessop Street, Portlaoise, Co Laois, R32 KV20 at 20:00 hrs on Wednesday 11th December 2019

Every Registered individual member of the Association shall be entitled to vote.

Every Recognised Club shall be entitled to authorise not more than two members of the Association to vote on its behalf.

Every Registered individual member and every person authorised by a Recognised Club and every member of the Executive Committee shall have one vote.

No other member shall be entitled to have a vote.


1. Apologies

2. Minutes of the 85th Annual General Meeting 26th July 2018

3. To receive the Chairman’s Report

4. To receive the Hon Secretary’s Report

5. To receive the Hon Treasurer’s Report

6. To receive the report of the Anti-Doping Officer

7. To consider the Company’s Financial Statements and the Reports of the

     Auditors for the year ended 31st December 2018

8. To authorise the Directors to fix the Remuneration of the Auditors.

9. Election of Executive Committee.

10. Resolutions received in accordance with regulation 17(b)

11. Any Other Business at the discretion of the Chairman

12. Date of 87th Annual General Meeting


Irish Clay Target Shooting Association Constitution

A copy of ICTSA Constitution may be downloaded here



Nominations for the election of officers in accordance with regulation 52

Chairman                          Eric Conway

Chairman                          Tom Cummins (withdrawn)

Treasurer                          Gary Cunningham

Election of Executive Committee

Chairman                          Peter Hanifin                                  Outgoing

Hon Secretary                   Noel Conroy                                  Outgoing

Hon Treasurer                

Provincial Directors nominated by Leinster Province

               Mark McCourt

               Tom Cummins

Provincial Directors nominated by Connacht Province

              Enda Walshe (withdrawn)

              Gary Cunningham

Provincial Directors nominated by Ulster Province

              No nomination

              No nomination

Provincial Directors nominated by Munster Province

                                        Darragh Fitzpatrick                        Outgoing

                                        Dino Divito


Notice of Proposed Resolutions

Motion 1: Proposed by Leinster Provincial Committee by Barry McGann Leinster Chairman

On election of a new officer to the executive committee, the outgoing officer shall complete a transition handover of up to a maximum of 12 weeks commencing on new officer election date. The outgoing officer shall work with the new office holder in full openness and transparency to hand over all duties. All duties must be completely passed over before the 12-week period expires. The new office holder shall report to the executive monthly at the executive meeting the progress and status of all handover duties”

Motion 2: Proposed by the National Executive


1.1 Definition: In these Regulations:

“Real Property” means the property of the ICTSA of an immovable nature, comprising any shooting layouts, shooting trenches, bunkers, trap houses, shooting towers, skeet houses, National Shooting Grounds or Buildings, whether of Leasehold or Freehold tenure, with all Fixtures or Fittings attached thereto and used therewith;

“Personal Property” means the property of the ICTSA of a movable nature, comprising all traps, acoustic equipment, as well as all Stock in Trade and Money or other Assets of the ICTSA not already classified as fixtures or fittings on “Real Property”, as heretofore defined;


The National Shooting Ground shall be managed by the executive committee

The Executive Committee shall have power from time to time to make, alter and repeal all such Regulations as they deem necessary, expedient or convenient for the proper conduct and management of the National Shooting Ground, and in particular, but not exclusively, they may by such Regulations set out:

(a) The terms and conditions upon which guests, members of the ICTSA and visitors shall be permitted to use the premises and property of the National Shooting Ground;

(b) The times of opening and closing the National Shooting Ground and Premises, or any part thereof;

(c) The conduct of members of the ICTSA at the National Shooting Ground in relation to one another;

(d) The setting aside of the whole or any part or parts of the National Shooting Ground or premises for any particular time or times, or for any particular purpose or purposes;

(e) The imposition of fines for the breach of any of the National Shooting Ground Rules or Regulations.

(f) And generally, all such matters as are commonly the subject matter of the National Shooting Ground Rules.

The Real Property, including the proceeds of sale thereof, shall be vested in the Executive Committee.

The Real Property shall not be leased, mortgaged, charged, exchanged, sold, conveyed, transferred or otherwise dealt with without the consent of the Executive Committee, or as may be set out in any separate Declaration of Trust.

The Personal Property shall be vested in the Chairperson, Treasurer and Secretary who shall hold same in Trust for the ICTSA.

The Trustees of the Personal Property shall invest and use such property in accordance with the Directives of the Executive Committee, of which an entry in the Minute book shall be conclusive evidence.

Motion 2: Proposed by the National Executive

Proposal to amend the executive committee as follows

The Executive Committee shall, subject to Regulation 35 consist of the following persons elected at the AGM in accordance with Regulation 10.1 and Regulation 10.2;

i. The Chairman of the Association.

ii. The Honorary Secretary.

iii. The Honorary Treasurer.

iv. National Children’s Officer

v. Representative of each of the Province’s not exceeding four in total and nominated at their respective Provincial AGM as follows;

(“Provincial Directors”):

(a) One Provincial Director nominated by Leinster Province

(b) One Provincial Director nominated by Connacht Province

(c) One Provincial Director nominated by Ulster Province

(d) One Provincial Director nominated by Munster Province

In all cases the Provincial Directors must be paid up Members of the Association.

vi. Representatives of shooting disciplines not exceeding three in total and nominated by their respective disciplines as follows;

(“Discipline Directors”):

(a) One Sporting Discipline Director representing ESP/FSP/NSK/STR

(b) One Trap Discipline Director representing DTL/ABT/UT/DR

(c) One Olympic Discipline Director representing Olympic Trench/Olympic Skeet.

In all cases the Discipline Directors must be paid up Members of the Association.