Shoot entry cap increased

   03 Feb 2018

Please note that the National Executive wish to inform you at its last board meeting it agreed to raise the Cap (Maximum Charge) on entry fees at ICTSA events in 2018.

This decision was taken to allow Clubs and Grounds to cover the increasing costs which is now been experienced for a number of factors, cost of clays etc. It is expected that this increase in the cap will also give Clubs and Grounds an opportunity to make some reinvestment to maintain and better our competitions into the future.

Also note this is a MAXIMUM charge per entry only so clubs and grounds may charge less than what is listed below.


DTL €40.00
ABT €40.00
FSP €65.00
NSK €45.00
OT €45.00
OSK €45.00
ESP €45.00
UT €45.00
STR €45.00
CSP €45.00

ISSF selection shoot 125 target plus final €55.00