World DTL Championships 2021 Postponed

   30 Oct 2020

The ICTSF has announced that the ICTSF World DTL Championships scheduled for 2021 (originally postponed from 2020) at Bywell Shooting Ground have been postponed again to 2022.

The ICTSF and CPSA want to ensure that as many overseas visitors as possible can attend the event and make it a true and memorable world championship. The current outlook for the Coronavirus pandemic is too uncertain to ensure overseas travel will be possible and practical in 2021.

The DTL Weekend (Sponsored DTL, Dougall Memorial, and English Open DTL) will still go ahead from 11-13 June under social-distancing conditions.

Full refunds of all entry fees for both the 2021 DTL Weekend and ICTSF World DTL Championships will be made automatically. There is no need to call to request a refund.

Bookings for the 2021 DTL Weekend will then go live as usual on 1 February, 2021.