Task Groups

This is the brief of responsibilities for Task Groups (sub-committees) in their role of assisting the National Executive to run the activities of the Association more efficiently and effectively.
It is very likely to be added to or modified especially in the initial months of operation.

ICTSA Task Groups for each Discipline:    

  • The role of a Task Group is to assist the National Executive in running the activities of the Association.
  • A Task Group is set up and its members are approved by the National Executive.
  • The Chair of the Task Group must be a member of the National Executive or a person elected by the National Executive.
  • Task Groups report to the National Executive and refer major recommendations to the National Executive for approval.

A Task Group is responsible for the following:

  • Organising and creating the calendar of shoots for the discipline.
  • Approving changes to the calendar during the year.
  • Co-ordinating the calendar with other discipline Task Groups.
  • Setting out the Team Selection criteria for the various International Competitions.
  • Selection of Team Managers for approval by the National Executive.
  • Statistics / Leaderboards.
  • Course / Target Setting Standards.
  • Nominating an individual who will be responsible for inspecting the course for all registered events in the National Shooting Ground, prior to commencement of such event.
  • Inspection of Grounds and recommending grounds to the National Executive for approval.
  • Managing Issues / Conflicts pertaining to the discipline.
  • Members queries.


DTL Task Group

Chair: Gerry Lawless - lawlessg@yahoo.ie

Matthew Sheedy

Paddy Peters


ABT & UT Task Group

Chair: Malcolm Graham - mcgrahamltd@gmail.com

Glenn Ross

Gary Cunningham


OT Task Group

Chair: Barry Usher - usherbarry@hotmail.com

Wayne Byrne

Derek Burnett

Aoife Gormally


OSK Task Group

Chair: Niamh Kierse

Gavin Murphy

Kevin Battle


NSK Task Group

Chair: Malcolm Graham - mcgrahamltd@gmail.com

Harry Waterstone

PJ Reilly

Lyndon O'Rourke

Gary Cunningham

Derek Black

Gareth Warren



Chair: Martin O'Connor

Hon Sec: John Scanlon - tasksecire@gmail.com 

Colin Dunne

Don McKay

Gerard Donnelly


National Executive Sporting Task Group Liaison Officer - Martin O'Connor martin.oconnor@ictsa.ie



If you have any queries or input for a Task Group, email it to the relevant Task Group Chair or to honsec@ictsa.ie stating the discipline in question and it will be forwarded on.

On behalf of all the membership, we sincerely thank the people above who have volunteered their time, skills and efforts to support the Association and its members, and we wish them well.