2018 Irish Open & Novice DTL Championships

   17 May 2018

Entries are now available for the DTL Irish Open & Novice Championships at the National Shooting Ground on Sunday 3rd June 2018

The Irish Open is a pre-entry event and all entries shall be emailed to prebook.event@icpsa.ie

There will be two waves:

Wave 1 @ 11:30am

Wave 2 @ 2pm

Please ensure that you are on the ground in sufficient time to be at your allotted trap in time to shoot.

The NOVICE Championship is confined to any shooter who has never been classified as higher than “C class” in ANY discipline at any time and who has never before won a Championship.

There will be regular updates on squads and times on the website.

SQUAD 1 1   RU11360 Francis Brian McHugh N/C S 11:30am
  2   ru11152 Martin Mitchell C V 11:30am
  3   RU11126 Tomás O'Daimhin N/C S 11:30am
  4   U237QQC BROWNE Oisin B 0 11:30am
  5   C9263 Damien O'Beirne A S 11:30am
SQUAD 2 6   L10834 Daniel O'Hara AA J 11:30am
  7   RU11120 Jamie Hughes B J 11:30am
  8   C11310 Patrick O'Connor B v 11:30am
  9   U112II BROWNE JAMES N/C 0 11:30am
  10   RU11329 Darren O'Hagan A S 11:30am
SQUAD 3 11   L8679 Roy Dunne A S 11:30am
  12   L10929 Niall Gilmore A S 11:30am
  13   L10913 John Gilmore C SV 11:30am
  14   U138NN TRACEY Martin Joseph B 0 11:30am
  15   U155MM MCGILLIGAN B A 0 11:30am
SQUAD 4 16   M6693 Kevin Purcell AA S 11:30am
  17   M6617 John Purcell A V 11:30am
  18   M11122 Conor Wall C JJ 11:30am
  19   L8963 John Meyler A S 11:30am
  20   M11072 Noel Conroy A S 11:30am
SQUAD 5 21   U102OO MAGILL Scott A 0 11:30am
  22   RU930D Neil McCann C V 11:30am
  23   RU10638 Edward Gilmartin A S 11:30am
  24   L289 Tom Cummins AA S 11:30am
  25   C10995 Tom Holly B S 11:30am
SQUAD 6 26   L5251 Joe Coffey C V 11:30am
  27   L185 Patrick Cullen B V 11:30am
  28   L464 Maura Walsh B L 11:30am
  29   L7022 John E Troy B V 11:30am
  30   L10618 Richard D Stapleton A SV 11:30am
SQUAD 7 31   RU11232 Shaun McCluskey C SV 11:30am
  32   RU11383 Dominic Devlin b S 11:30am
  33   u142nn MURPHY T G B 0 11:30am
  34   RU11300 Gavin Corr AA S 11:30am
  35   RU11354 Ciaran Coyle b S 11:30am
SQUAD 8 36   L11223 Diarmuid Gorman B J 11:30am
  37   L10893 James Finlay B S 11:30am
  38   L803 Anthony McEvoy A S 11:30am
  39   L195 John Clooney AA S 11:30am
  40   L11183 Tony Burke B S 11:30am
SQUAD 9 41   m6538 Willie O'Sullivan A SV 11:30am
  42   M10048 Brendan O'Sullivan B V 11:30am
  43   M7348 Joe Walsh A s 11:30am
  44   M10584 Colm Dowling AA S 11:30am
  45   M470 Jerry Walsh A S 11:30am
SQUAD 10 46   RU11284 Mark Barnett c S 11:30am
  47   DAY PHILIP McDAID N/C #N/A 11:30am
  48   RU11283 Gearoid Driver N/C S 11:30am
  49   RU11388 Fintan Kilpatrick N/C C 11:30am
  50   c9131 David McCormack A V 11:30am
SQUAD 11 51   L6225 Sylvester Morrell C SV 11:30am
  52   L168 Maurice Codd B V 11:30am
  53   L6039 Jack Kavanagh C SV 11:30am
  54   L5323 Michael Dalton A SV 11:30am
  55   L6394 Pat McManamon C SV 11:30am
  57   RU11437 John McGing N/C S 11:30am
  58   RU11436 Michael Boyle N/C S 11:30am
  59   DAY Garry McGing N/C #N/A 11:30am
  60   C5936 Chris Joyce c V 11:30am
SQUAD 13 61   RU3628 Gerard McCoy AA s 2pm
  62   RU969H Bertie Coulter AA S 2pm
  63   RU511G James Henry AA s 2pm
  64   RU34Q Sean M McGeehan AA s 2pm
  65   RU370D Jim Doherty AA S 2pm
SQUAD 14 66   Ru702Z John Bach A SV 2pm
  67   Ru960Z Jens Bach B S 2pm
  68   RU11358 Nigel Graham AA S 2pm
  69   L6278 David Malone AA S 2pm
  70   RU174K Thomas A Cunningham AA s 2pm
SQUAD 15 71   L9253 Colm McEvoy A S 2pm
  72   L219 Lawrence Coogan AA S 2pm
  73   L9241 Oliver McNamara A S 2pm
  74   L8353 Brendan Behan A S 2pm
  75   L6702 Paddy Peters AA S 2pm
SQUAD 16 76   RU10254 Patrick J.McCrystal B S 2pm
  77   L11141 Anthony Kearns C S 2pm
  78   L5744 Colm Hudson A S 2pm
  79   RU6724 Phelim Hugh Quinn AA S 2pm
  80   L602 Edward Murray C SV 2pm
SQUAD 17 81   RU11357 Gerard Duffin a S 2pm
  82   RU11105 Jonathan O'Neill AA S 2pm
  83   RU6721 Paul Quinn B S 2pm
  84   DAY PAT POLLOCK N/C #N/A 2pm
  85   RU11119 James Doran A SV 2pm
SQUAD 18 86   RU6723 Maurice Quinn b S 2pm
  87   L1024 Paul Dunne AA S 2pm
  88   RU11056 Brian Ferguson A S 2pm
  89   RU997Y Lawrence O'Neill AA s 2pm
  90   RU11249 Kevin Boyle A S 2pm
SQUAD 19 91   C10247 Terence J Kelly A s 2pm
  92   RU2038 Harry Frizzell B SV 2pm
  93   RU6726 Bernadette Quinn A L 2pm
  94   RU5437 Gerry Ellis A V 2pm
  95   L11185 Elijah Dunphy A C 2pm
SQUAD 20 96   m10465 Darragh Fitzgerald A S 2pm
  97   m6557 Tony O'Brien B SV 2pm
  98   m1958 Mathew Sheedy A V 2pm
  99   c6126 Gerard Lawless AA s 2pm
  100   C6442 Michael Noone AA S 2pm
SQUAD 21 101   RU535G Gary Foy b S 2pm
  102   DAY THOMAS GIVEN N/C #N/A 2pm
  103   DAY JAMES MELLY N/C #N/A 2pm
  104   RU11285 David Scott C S 2pm
  105   L659 Hugh Morris B V 2pm
SQUAD 22 106   u118JJ CORVAN Damien AA 0 2pm
  107   u141LL CORVAN Dermot C 0 2pm
  108   u731R KNOX Robert Henry Alexander A 0 2pm
  109   u643F DAVIDSON David A 0 2pm
  110   U21F LAVERY John P A 0 2pm
SQUAD 23 111   RU11087 Cathy Gavigan B L 2pm
  112   RU626S Thomas Allen AA V 2pm
  113   ru11078 Declan Canavan B S 2pm
  114   RU11160 Charlotte Kennedy B L 2pm
  115   RU11086 Shaun Gavigan A S 2pm
SQUAD 24 116   M10097 Anna Marie Shiels A L 2pm
  117   C11060 Katie Forde B L J 2pm
  118   M10926 Brian Shanahan A J 2pm
  119   M11123 Cian Shanahan C C 2pm
  120   M10199 Edward Shiels B S 2pm