ABT & OSK HCIT 2022 Tender

   29 Nov 2021

The board invites registered Clubs and Grounds to tender for HCIT ABT & OSK 2022

The board extends an invitation to all affiliated clubs and registered grounds to tender to host the OSK or ABT Home International in 2022.

Applications shall be made by written proposal submitted by email to the hon secretary honsec@ictsa.ie by 17:00 hrs on Wednesday 22nd December 2021.

Any application received after this date will NOT be considered.

The successful venue will be required to conform to a service agreement for the event by way of a signed contract.

The board shall consider the National Shooting Ground for all home internationals in 2022, and an application is deemed made by the board on behalf of the National Shooting Ground.

(Applications from the National Shooting Grounds will be available for any member to view upon request after the closing date.)

The following attachment may be of use to clubs making applications as a guide.