Agenda for 88th Annual General Meeting of the ICTSA

   20 Jan 2022

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NOTICE is hereby given that the 88th Annual General Meeting of the Irish Clay Target Shooting Association has been scheduled to take place at The Campus Conference Center, Sport Ireland HQ, Dublin, at 20:00 hrs on Wednesday 9th February 2022.


Every Registered individual member of the Association shall be entitled to vote.

Every Recognised Club shall be entitled to authorise not more than two members of the Association to vote on its behalf.

Every Registered individual member and every person authorised by a Recognised Club and every member of the Executive Committee shall have one vote.

No other member shall be entitled to have a vote.



1. Apologies

2. Minutes of the 87th Annual General Meeting 22nd October 2021

3. To receive the Chairman’s Report

4. To receive the Hon Secretary’s Report

5. To receive the Hon Treasurer’s Report

6. To receive the report of the Anti-Doping Officer

7. To consider the Company’s Financial Statements and the Reports of the Auditors for the year ended 31st December 2020

8. To authorise the Directors to fix the Remuneration of the Auditors.

9. Election of Executive Committee.

10. Resolutions received in accordance with regulation 17(b)

11. Any Other Business at the discretion of the Chairman

12. Date of 89th Annual General Meeting


Irish Clay Target Shooting Association Constitution

A copy of ICTSA Constitution may be found here:



Nominations for the election of officers in accordance with regulation 52

Chairperson                           Matthew Sheedy

2nd Connaught Delegate      Gary Cunningham


Election of Executive Committee

Acting Chairperson            Matthew Sheedy

Hon Secretary                   Nicola Elder 

Hon Treasurer                   Nigel Sylvester


Provincial Directors nominated by Connacht Province:

              Gerry Lawless


Provincial Directors nominated by Leinster Province:

               Mark McCourt


Provincial Directors nominated by Ulster Province:

              Malcolm Graham


Provincial Directors nominated by Munster Province:

              Matthew Sheedy



Notice of Proposed Resolutions - No resolutions or motions.


A copy of the Financial Statement for the Year Ended December 2020 has been sent to every member via their registered membership email address. If you are not in receipt of this email please contact: honsec@ictsa.ie. Please check spam and junk email inboxes.


Please download and read the 87th Annual General Meeting 22nd October 2021 prior to the AGM on the 9th February 2022. These will not be read out during the meeting.


Booking your attendance is mandatory for this meeting due to Covid-19 restrictions. Every member must book online: www.bookwhen.com/ictsa-ar

In the case where the bookings exceed the capacity of the venue, the venue will be moved.