24 Apr 2019

Dear Member,

It is with regret that the Executive Board has decided (unanimously) to postpone tomorrow’s AGM until further notice.

This postponement is required to allow time to legally secure and finalise an agreement which will see the national shooting grounds in Ashbourne relocate to the current Esker Shooting Grounds.

It had been hoped to present this agreement to the membership at the AGM. However, the Easter holidays has delayed the legal paperwork and it is still in draft form.

The full Executive are fully supportive of this decision to postpone the AGM and hope to set a new date for this year’s AGM as soon as possible.

The New National Shooting Grounds will be a very exciting adventure for the Association located in a central location and offering our current and future membership access to all of the following disciplines, DTL, ABT, NSK, OSK, ESP, CSP, STP, OT, FSP, DR, AR. Sadly this will see the end of the National Shooting Grounds in Ashbourne which has been our home for some 50 years.

The Board has negotiated this agreement as the landowners in Ashbourne had decided to sell their property.

All registered shoots in Ashbourne are now suspended and will be relocated to Esker or other grounds in Leinster over the coming weeks. John Delaney’s trench layout has been removed and the electric wiring isolated to 4 of the layouts. OT and DTL practice is still available at the ground on Saturdays until further notice.

We apologies for any inconvenience caused by postponing the AGM but we hope you agree it is in the best interests of the association to legally secure this agreement as soon as possible.

The full executive will be available at the rescheduled AGM to answer all your queries and to bring you all up to date on the current situation.


Peter Hanifin