Brilliance in Bywell for the ABT HCIT!

   11 Sep 2023

Malcolm Graham takes Overall High Gun of the HCIT Match

ABT HCIT results are in from Bywell, England. Overall High Gun of the HCIT Match and also Senior High Gun was our own Malcolm Graham 194ex200

Ireland Senior Team finished HCIT runners up to England with 1799ex2000

Runner Up HG of Ireland: Jens Bach 187ex200

Veteran HG of Ireland:Ronan Morris 175ex200

Super Veteran HG of Ireland: John Bach 171ex200

Ladies High Gun of Ireland: Kim Gannon 95ex200

Great result for Malcolm and the Senior team, managed by Gary Cunningham


Adding to the weekends success; David Callaghan took runner-up in the British Open after winning a shoot-off for runner-up 96+25, and Gary Cunningham 2nd in B class with 94.