Chairman’s Newsletter

   17 Nov 2020

17th November 2020

Dear Member,

As you will be aware, we are in the middle of level 5 lockdown and all going well should be out of it around the first of December. We at the executive are still working away on your behalf and below are some key topic we are working on.


The accounts for 2019 are being drawn up as we speak, I have asked the accountant to format them in a way that every member can read and understand them. It has been requested that they are clearly split out into of interest topics such as the World English Sporting, the purchase of Esker Shooting Grounds and the management accounts, so that you can see how our money was spent.


As most will be aware the Esker Shooting Grounds deal was done and dusted in 2019 and we got on with what we had. All the traps have been relocated from Ashbounre and reinstalled at Esker. We have purchased a new Promatic Signature DTL trap and are looking at replacing another two traps next seasons. A big thank you must go to Matthew Sheedy, Gerry Lawless and Gary Cunningham for the running of Esker.

2021 Membership Fees

We have joined with Country Sports Ireland and they will be our new insurance cover. This joint venture will give the ICTSA members game shooting and country sports cover from the 1st January 2021, as well as the continued benefits of being an ICTSA member.

You will receive a joint membership card from January 2021, when you renew your membership.

We have had to raise the membership fee to €125 due to Covid-19 and the losses incurred by the world English Sporting in 2019, however if you pay your membership before 1st February 2021 than the annual membership fee will discounted to €100.


Once we have the accounts to hand than we will announce the AGM date which I estimate to be in early to mid-January.

I have been in contact with the Director of Corporate law enforcement and he has advised that we should hold a virtual AGM. Should anyone have a problem with this than please drop me a mail at chairman@ictsa.ie

Kind Regards

Erig Conway