Connaught DTL League 2019 Results

   16 May 2019

The final of the Connaught DTL League took place in Esker on Saturday the 11th of May.

Damien O'Beirne took High Gun honors over the course of the league with some very good performances including a 100/298 in Ballinasloe and a 98/292 on the final day in Esker.

Damien also won the Connaught DTL Cup as the highest scoring Connaught member on the day.

Congratulations to all the prize winners and a big thank you to all the Connaught members who supported the league.

Below are all the prize winners:

High Gun - Damien O'Beirne

AA Class

1st - Ronan Morris

2nd - Michael D'Arcy

3rd - Gerard Lawless

A Class

1st - Stephen Kelly

2nd - David McCormack

3rd - Gary Cunningham

B Class

1st - Patrick O'Connor

2nd - Alan Williams

C Class

1st - Tom Holly

2nd - PJ Cunningham

3rd - Willy Boland