19 Aug 2020

Dear Members, Ground Owners

Having reviewed the latest Covid-19 statement put out by the Government yesterday evening, it is our opinion that Registered Shoots are unaffected as long as the new guidelines are followed. All Registered Shoots will be shot behind closed doors and no spectators will be allowed attend any registered shoots while the current Government regulations are in place. Please do not travel to any ICTSA event unless you are entered for the event, as you will be asked to leave.

Please see below guidelines that must be followed:


1. Please bring handwipes and sanitiser with you and do not rely on there being an adequate amount on the ground.

2. Do not handle other shooters guns and equipment.

3. Shooters must fill out the Covid-19 questionnaire prior to arriving at the ground and produce it when paying your entry fee.

4. Comply with the Government legislation, if your meant to be self-isolating than do so, if your county is in lockdown please comply with these requirements. If you have travelled abroad, you must complete the required 14 days self-isolation if the country is not on the green list. (Do not face the embarrassment at being turned away from a ground, as you will not be able to shoot)

5. Follow the shooting grounds guidelines, such as arriving at your designated time and following one-way systems.

6. Once you have shot you must leave the ground.

7. If you are not shooting, you are not allowed to attend any ICTSA event for any reason.

Ground Owners

1. Squad sizes not to exceed 6 people.

2. Max 2 referees per layout/ stand.

3. One squad and two referees on the shooting line and the next following squad may be ready to follow but must maintain social distancing.

4. Clubhouses to be closed for competitors other than registration (maintaining social distancing) but not open for refreshments or socialising.

5. Covid-19 contact tracking log must be maintained and will be subject to checks.

6. Please have adequate hand sanitizer and cleaning equipment to hand.

7. All registered shoots are pre-entry through the ICTSA software.

8. All shooters must arrive with a completed self-declaration questionnaire and produce it when paying. No questionnaire, no shooting.

9. No spectator’s to be allowed attend any ICTSA event.

All of the above regulations have been put in place for the interest and safety of all our members and must be complied with.

If any Shooting Grounds have any question about the above, please do not hesitate in calling me.

Regards and stay safe

Erig Conway


Tel 087:2723431