DTL Visitor Permits SCOTLAND

   31 Mar 2017

Visitor permits for non-UK shotgun certificate holders attending DTL (& other discipline) Championships being held at the National Shooting Centre Scotland (NSCS):

All Visitor Permits issued by Police Scotland have to be submitted via a Sponsor. For any championships being held at the NSCS this year, Andrew McCaig, Director of the NSCS and Central Scotland Shooting School Ltd will act as Sponsor. The cost for each application will be £45 payable on the same basis as the European DTL Championships Entry to: Central Scotland Shooting School Ltd. Electronic payments preferred - please check details on the Entry Form. [Copies of the Visitor Permit and the European DTL Championships Application forms are available on the SCTA website].

Further information on Visitor Permits and a copy of the Permit application can be obtained also from the Police Scotland website: http://www.scotland.police.uk/about-us/finance/service-fees-and-charges/firearms/146928/

Given the likely volume of visitor permit applications, particularly for those attending the DTL European Championships on 22nd & 23rd July 2017, it is essential that applications are made as soon as possible to avoid a last minute backlog and, potentially people not receiving their permits on time.

Please note it is not possible to submit these Visitor Permit forms electronically.

On this basis, the deadline for forms to be received by the Sponsor is Friday 19th May 2017. This takes account of the requirement for the Sponsor to receive, check and sign the application, submit it to Police Scotland (who require to receive any application a minimum of 6 weeks prior to arrival in the UK) and then return of the permit, via the Sponsor, who then has to post it to the relevant country's shooting organisation for distribution or directly to the individual if not travelling as part of a team. It assumes shooters will arrive about a week before the Europeans intending to take part in practice sessions at the NSCS and the British Open. You will require to provide an accommodation address in your application and, if you do not have a European Firearms Pass, then a letter of good conduct from your country's shooting organisation will be required.

If you have any issues with the timescale, please get in touch with Andrew McCaig as soon as possible to discuss your situation: enquiries@nsc92.com Tel: (+44) 1324 851671.

If you are intending participating in other disciplines or events taking place at the NSCS (e.g. the Olympic Trap HCIT & British Open in August) you may make one application and ensure that you specify all dates the permit is required to cover.