11 Oct 2018

FITASC Discipline Rules Changes for 2019 

The FITASC governing body at its Ordinary General Assembly (OGA) has amended the current rules and regulations of all FITASC disciplines as follows:

All Disciplines:
It is now a requirement that when bins or receptacles are provided at the shooting positions, spent cartridges must be deposited in those receptacles by the competitor; failure to observe this requirement, a competitor will in the first instance be given a warning supported by a Yellow card, further violations will be penalised with a Red card and loss of target(s) as detailed in the individual discipline rules books.

FITASC Sporting:
Including the above (Rule 8.6), the target type will return to the menu card after an absence of 5 years i.e. 90mm 70mm Rabbit etc, there will be no need to write ‘Standard’ on the card as it is assumed that where the ‘Special’ targets have been identified, the competitor will understand that any targets not identified will be standard targets (Rule 2.4).

The line fixed at 25cm that defines the gun hold or ready position has been amended to include that this line must be of a contrasting colour to the vest or shirt e.g. black on black is not acceptable (Rule 3.1)

A new inclusion to equipment that is not acceptable is included at chapter 7 the use of an artificial sighting aid is not acceptable along with the existing micro cameras (Rule 7.1).

Clearly the manufacturers’ sight beads or replacement sight beads are acceptable; this rule reflects the existing rule in Compak sporting.

Compak Sporting:
The complete rules book for Compak has been restructured along with some new additions as follows; like above the use of receptacles is mandated at chapter 18.2.

The target over flight area dimensions have been modified, the max width remains 40m with a new minimum width of 35m (Chapter 2).

The shooting position minimum spacing is now set at 2 – 5m between centres (Chapter 2).

The rule on how a referee deals with a competitor late on the stand has a significant change, it is no longer incumbent on the referee to call or search for an absent competitor.

If in a squad, a competitor is absent and the first competitor has called for their first target, the penalty is loss of 25 targets.

For Compak in line, if the late competitors name has been removed from the computer, then the competitor will not be allowed to join and will be penalised 25 targets (Chapter 9).

All the above are effective 1st Jan 2019 and are now available on the FITASC website HERE