Growing our Sport; Supporting our Grounds

   09 May 2022

Rule change regarding Entry Fee Caps

Dear Members,


We are writing to inform you of a rule change regarding Entry Fee Caps. As you will be aware, price rises have effected many industries, and this is having a direct effect on the day to day running of the clubs and businesses in our sport.

Following the feedback given at the recent ICTSA Grounds Event and in order to help support our grounds, and our sport, in surviving these rising costs the Entry Fee Cap has been raised in the ICTSA rules by €5 for all disciplines. These can be found here in rule 4.03 of the day-to-day operating rules:


Please note that the caps are a maximum entry fee, and that entry fees (within that scope) are at the discretion of the grounds.

Levies to the ICTSA remain unchanged.


We hope you join us in supporting those who work tirelessly to host our competitions.


Many thanks in advance,

The ICTSA National Executive