16 Jun 2018

It has been brought to the attention of the board by the Leinster committee that the notification of the AGM for Thursday 21st June 2018 did not include the accounts/auditors report and motions posted 21 clear days prior to the AGM.

The board wish to advise that they did not have the completed audit report from the auditor in sufficient time to post on the website 21 days of the AGM and did not receive any motions prior to the 21 days.

The board have received one motion from the Leinster provincial committee which it received from the Leinster Chairman on behalf of the Leinster Committee on the 5th June 2018.

The board have received legal opinion on the matter and at a board meeting held on Thursday 14th June 2018 have decided that in the best interests of the members and the association that the AGM will be further postponed until Thursday 26th July 2018 to ensure that sufficient notice is given for an AGM and that all accounts/auditor reports, motions and nominations for executive committee officers will be posted 21 clear days of that date.

The executive committee now invites notice of any resolution to be proposed at the annual general meeting in accordance with regulation 17

Resolutions shall be received by the Hon Secretary at honsec@icpsa.ie or in writing no later than Sunday 24th June 2018.

“ARTICLE 17(b) Notice of any resolution to be proposed at an Annual General Meeting must be received by the Secretary of the Association in writing not later than thirty-one days prior to the Annual General Meeting and if the Executive Committee so decides, notice thereof shall be given to the members of the Association prior to meeting”

The executive committee now invites nominations for the election of officers in accordance with regulation 52

The Chairman of the Association.

The Honorary Secretary.

The Honorary Treasurer.

Nominations shall be received by the Hon Secretary at honsec@icpsa.ie or in writing no later than Sunday 24th June 2018.


“ARTICLE 52. No person other than a member of the Executive Committee shall, unless recommended by the Executive Committee, be eligible for election to the office of a member of the Executive Committee at any general meeting unless, not less than 30 day before the date appointed for the meeting, there has been left at the office notice in writing, signed by a member duly qualified to attend and vote at the meeting for which such notice is given, of his intention to propose such a person for election, and also notice in writing signed by that person of his willingness to be elected”

The executive committee wish to advise the following will apply at the AGM for;


“ARTICLE 34(a) Any Recognised Club which is a member of the Association may by resolution of its directors or other governing body (a copy of which must be produced to the Secretary at least 5 days in advance of a meeting) authorise such two persons (being members of the Association) as it thinks fit to act as its representatives at any meeting of the Association and the persons so authorised shall be entitled to exercise the same powers on behalf of the body which they represent as that body and each representative shall be authorised to speak and vote and shall attend in person. The authorising resolution shall state the name of the persons so authorised. In default of such notification, the Secretary for the time being of that Recognised Club, on production of proof of his holding that position, at any time prior to the commencement of that meeting, shall be entitled to attend and vote at each such general meeting of the Association.

(b) Provisions similar to those set out in Regulation 34(a) shall apply to a firm or company which is a member of the Association save that it shall only be entitled to authorise one person (being a member of the Association) to represent it and such representative shall not be entitled to vote at any meeting”