Ireland Team Managers

   03 May 2017

The ICTSA National Executive invites members to apply for the position of “Ireland Team Manager” in the various disciplines for the 2017 home internationals.

Members shall email your interest including your experience to honsec@icpsa.ie no later than Wednesday 31st May 2017.

The Team Manager acts with the authority and under the direction of the ICTSA National Executive.

The DTL Team Manager may not participate as part of the Team. Managers may be participants on other Ireland Teams.

The duties of a Team Manager shall include but not limited to the organising of badges, team trophies, arrangements for Team photographs and the general organisation of the team.

The Team Manager is responsible for the good order of the Team.

With effect from 20th April 2017 expenses shall be paid to Ireland Team managers for Home Countries International Tournament events. Qualifying managers shall receive a flat payment of €200 for events on the island of Ireland and €500 for events off the island of Ireland. Expenses shall be paid to Ireland Team managers at events other than Home Countries International Tournaments on an individual case by case basis subject to approval by the ICTSA National Executive.