17 Jul 2020


The Famous Grouse and Gold Cup weekend will be held at the National Shooting Ground Esker on the 1st and 2nd of August 2020.

The Gold Cup is a pre-entry event and all entries can be made by emailing your name, Association number and preferred wave(first and second preference) and preferred peg to nsg@ictsa.ie

Entries are currently open.


Gold Cup Irish Close 2020, National Shooting Ground Esker - Sunday 2nd August 2020

ENTRY FEE € 40 ADULTS and € 20 JUNIORS to be paid on the day at the ground.

There will be three wave times over 6 layouts:

Wave 1 at 9:30am

Wave 2 at 12:15pm

Wave 3 at 3:00pm

Please ensure that you are on the ground in sufficient time to shoot.

Famous Grouse Cup 2020(Unregistered) National Shooting Ground Esker - Saturday 1st August 2020

Entries for the Famous Grouse Cup can be made on the day.



9:30AM Wave        
  Memb No. Name Class Cat.
Squad 1        
Peg 1 L10913 John Gilmore B SV
Peg 2 U207TT Andrew McCurry N/C 0
Peg 3 RU11752 Patrick Gilroy N/C S
Peg 4 RU11751 Oran Campbell N/C J
Peg 5 L10929 Niall Gilmore A S
Squad 2        
Peg 1 L6225 Sylvester Morrell C SV
Peg 2 L6039 Jack Kavanagh C SV
Peg 3 L5323 Michael Dalton B SV
Peg 4 L10041 Brendan Connaughton N/C S
Peg 5 M8783 Gerard Leonard B SV
Squad 3        
Peg 1 L10480 Joseph Carroll B SV
Peg 2 L9821 Seamie Heffernan N/C V
Peg 3 DAY Padraig Conway N/C 0
Peg 4 L9824 John Patterson N/C s
Peg 5 L11395 John Cully B V
Squad 4        
Peg 1 L7055 John Tomkins A S
Peg 2 L9348 Philip Boyle N/C S
Peg 3 U420K McFARLAND David AA 0
Peg 4 RU10638 Edward Gilmartin B V
Peg 5 UI55HH Tommy Milligan N/C 0
Squad 5        
Peg 1 RU174K Thomas A Cunningham A s
Peg 4 U334H McLAUGHLIN Robert AA 0
Peg 5 RU1107 David Friel N/C S
Squad 6        
Peg 1 C10843 Jason Moran N/C S
Peg 2 C645 Noel Maughan B S
Peg 3 C209 Edward Coleman B SV
Peg 4 L9118 Iggy McAliskey B V
Peg 5 C10490 Malachy Moran B V
Squad 7        
Peg 2 L8963 John Meyler B S
Peg 3 C9263 Damien O'Beirne A S
Peg 4 U140OO DOBBIN Peter Samuel A 0
Peg 5 U207pp MONTGOMERY Keith AA 0
Squad 8        
Peg 1 M11746 Tam Cochrane N/C V
Peg 2 M11159 Owen O'Malley C S
Peg 3 DAY Andrew Webb N/C 0
Peg 4 C10206 Michael Condon C SV
Peg 5 DAY Barry Webb N/C 0
Squad 9        
Peg 1 M10485 John Gleeson B S
Peg 2 M1234 Anthony Howard A S
Peg 3 M10584 Colm Dowling AA S
Peg 4 M11072 Noel Conroy AA S
Peg 5 M10695 Christopher Maher AA S
Squad 10        
Peg 1 M7336 Noel Walsh C SV
Peg 2 C11310 Patrick O'Connor B SV
Peg 3 M5676 Martin Garrihy B SV
Peg 4 M11728 Kenneth Warren N/C S
Peg 5 M11040 Richard Flaherty B S
Squad 11        
Peg 1 RU11329 Darren O'Hagan A S
Peg 2 U162CC BELL D O AA 0
Peg 4 U142NN MURPHY T G A 0
Peg 5 RU11335 Martin O'Hagan B V
Squad 12        
Peg 1 C11548 Patrick Shally C S
Peg 2 DAY James Condon N/C 0
Peg 3 RU8874 John Campbell B SV
Peg 4 U9994 ROONEY F G B SV
Peg 5        
12:15PM Wave        
Squad 13        
Peg 1 C9250 Ronan Morris A V
Peg 2 M11308 Robert Downey B SV
Peg 3 M7371 Richard Walsh B SV
Peg 4 M11312 James Hayes A V
Peg 5 L11373 John Maher C S
Squad 14        
Peg 1 RU3628 Gerard McCoy AA s
Peg 2 RU969H Bertie Coulter AA S
Peg 3 RU511G James Henry AA s
Peg 4 RU34Q Sean M McGeehan A s
Peg 5 RU370D Jim Doherty AA S
Squad 15        
Peg 1 U118B LOUGHLIN Martin A 0
Peg 2 RU84F Noel McLarnon B S
Peg 3 U135HH DALE Geoffry AA 0
Peg 4 U104FF CASSIDY Bernard AA 0
Peg 5 RU11119 James Doran A SV
Squad 16        
Peg 1 RU6724 Phelim Hugh Quinn A S
Peg 2 M8527 Patrick Collins B V
Peg 3 L5264 Chris Culleton C SV
Peg 4 L6710 John Quigley A S
Peg 5 L400 Peter Keating C V
Squad 17        
Peg 1 L8679 Roy Dunne A S
Peg 2 C11243 PJ Cunningham C V
Peg 3 L11053 Billy Lucas A S
Peg 4 C10739 Ronan Devaney A S
Peg 5 RU11107 David McGroary AA S
Squad 18        
Peg 1 M11247 Paul Finucane A S
Peg 2 M11231 David Barrett B S
Peg 3 M11184 Cian O'Donoghue A J
Peg 4 M9310 Gerard O'Donoghue B S
Peg 5 M11049 Pat Hickey C S
Squad 19        
Peg 1 C1307 Gerard Jordan B V
Peg 2 M11213 Don Treacy B V
Peg 3 C10995 Tom Holly B S
Peg 4 C10837 Enda Walshe B V
Peg 5 C11230 Gary Cunningham B S
Squad 20        
Peg 1 RU702Z John Bach B SV
Peg 2 RU960Z Jens Bach A S
Peg 3 L1159 Liam Flynn B S
Peg 4 L6278 David Malone AA S
Peg 5 M6617 John Purcell A V
Squad 21        
Peg 1 M10097 Anna Marie Shiels A L
Peg 2 RU11160 Charlotte Kennedy A L
Peg 3 RU11232 Shaun McCluskey C SV
Peg 4 M10199 Edward Shiels B S
Peg 5 L10993 Kimberley Irwin B L
Squad 22        
Peg 1 M6693 Kevin Purcell AA S
Peg 2 L219 Lawrence Coogan AA S
Peg 3 L9241 Ollie McNamara AA S
Peg 4 L6702 Paddy Peters AA S
Peg 5 RU11105 Jonathan O'Neill AA S
Squad 23        
Peg 1 L9253 Colm McEvoy A S
Peg 2 L7022 John E Troy B V
Peg 3 L803 Anthony McEvoy B S
Peg 4 L10893 Jim Finlay A S
Peg 5        
Squad 24        
Peg 1 M10677 Tom O'Leary A S
Peg 2 M470 Jerry Walsh A S
Peg 3 M7348 Joe Walsh AA s
Peg 4 M10474 Liam Walsh AA S
Peg 5 M10587 Denis Carroll B s
3PM Wave        
Squad 25        
Peg 1 M6538 Willie O'Sullivan A SV
Peg 2 RU11525 Roan Quinn C J
Peg 3 RU6721 Paul Quinn B S
Peg 4 M300 Ian O'Sullivan AA S
Peg 5 M6549 Brian O'Sullivan A S
Squad 26        
Peg 1 C807 Michael McGillen AA S
Peg 2 C9256 Alan O'Rourke A S
Peg 3 C11028 Paul McGillen A S
Peg 4 C10247 Terence J Kelly A S
Peg 5 C10685 John McGloin B V
Squad 27        
Peg 1 M10303 Gerry Gammell C S
Peg 2 U588M McALINDEN Leo B A 0
Peg 3 M5542 Pat Foley A V
Peg 4 M506 Michael O'Dwyer C SV
Peg 5 M11266 Adrian Curran C S
Squad 28        
Peg 1 C1277 Pat Donaghy B SV
Peg 2 RU997Y Lawrence O'Neill A s
Peg 3 RU11300 Gavin Corr A S
Peg 4 RU10080 Anthony Loughlin A S
Peg 5 RU11383 Dominic Devlin C S
Squad 29        
Peg 1 L1024 Paul Dunne A S
Peg 2 C9131 David McCormack B V
Peg 3 RU930D Neil McCann C V
Peg 4 C4001 Stephen Kelly A S
Peg 5 C11745 Keith Corley N/C S
Squad 30        
Peg 1 M11123 Cian Shanahan B J
Peg 2 M10717 Tony Shanahan A S
Peg 3 M10926 Brian Shanahan A S
Peg 4 M10749 Martin Shanahan A S
Peg 5 L11183 Tony Burke A S
Squad 31        
Peg 1 M1958 Mathew Sheedy A V
Peg 2 L9151 Cahal McDonald AA S
Peg 3 L4016 Noel Kearns A v
Peg 4 C6126 Gerard Lawless AA s
Peg 5 C6442 Michael Noone AA S
Squad 32        
Peg 1 L10287 Gerard Cummins A V
Peg 2 L10324 Eoin Cummins B S
Peg 3 M11215 David Ryan B S
Peg 4 RU11388 Fintan Kilpatrick B C
Peg 5 RU535G Gary Foy C S
Squad 33        
Peg 1 U211U HESLIP William A 0
Peg 2 RU7008 Martin Casey B V
Peg 3 RU10254 Patrick J.McCrystal B S
Peg 4 RU6706 Malachy Quinn B V
Peg 5 RU11152 Martin Mitchell C V
Squad 34        
Peg 1 C5432 Kevin Finnerty B S
Peg 2 C8633 David Duane A S
Peg 3 C8647 Billy Duane A V
Peg 4 C9262 Edmond O'Hara A V
Peg 5 C5765 Sean Hoban B V
Squad 35        
Peg 1 RU11749 Peter Joseph Taylor N/C V
Peg 2 U102FF QUINN Maurice J A 0
Peg 3 RU6726 Bernadette Quinn A L
Peg 4 RU5437 Gerry Ellis A V
Peg 5 U1508 QUINN P A 0
Squad 36        
Peg 1 U164PP ARMSTRONG Ross AA 0
Peg 2 RU11358 Nigel Graham AA S
Peg 3 RU11606 Paul Molloy N/C S
Peg 4 RU123II Adrian Quinn A S