ISSF OSK Selection Shoot News

   20 Jun 2017

There was some very good results at this ISSF OSK event in Balheary last weekend with two new Irish record achieved and also quite a few personal best’s achieved.

Day 1: 17th June in Balheary
A new Irish Record was once again achieved from Clement Buchanan scoring a 98 ex 100. Clement then went on to score a 23 in the final finishing on a 121 x 125 which is a world class performance. Chris Moriarty scored a 116 x 125 achieving a personal best.
Ciaran Hoare scores a 116 x 125 also a personal best and setting an Irish Junior record.
Alex Buchanan, Robert Cox and Liam Courtney were the other 3 athletes who qualified for the top 6 spot.
Day 2: 18th June in Balheary
Alex Buchanan scored a fantastic 121 X 125 equaling his son Clement score from the first day. Alex score a 97 X 100 on the second day achieving a personal best and then went on to shoot a 24 x 25 in the shoot off. Very impressive stuff.
Other athletes in the shoot off were Clement Buchanan scoring 118 x 125, Robert Cox scoring 112 ex 125, Chris Moriarty scoring 111 x 125 and Liam Courtney with a 106 x 125.
Overall there were 5 X 25 straights and 8 x 24’s shot over the weekend which tell me there are exciting times ahead for OSK.
Bottom line athletes that have qualified are,
1) Clement Buchanan  
2) Alex Buchanan  
3) Chris Moriarty  
First reserve, Robert Cox. Second Reserve Liam Courtney. Junior: Ciaran Hoare.
All shooters to advise the honsec@icpsa.com urgently if they are traveling so that they can be booked in for this event.