Leinster AGM

   31 Oct 2019

The 2019 Leinster AGM will take place on Thursday 28th of November in the Spa Hotel Lucan at 8pm


The minutes of the 2018 Annual General Meeting

Hon Chairman’s address

Hon Secretary’s report

Financial report

Election of Officers

  • Hon Chairman Position Open (New)
  • Hon Treasurer John Lee L6163 (Outgoing) proposed by Leinster board
  • Hon Secretary Position Open (New)

Election of Provincial Director’s

  • Mark McCourt L877 (New) proposed by Leinster board
  • Position Open (Outgoing) proposed by Leinster board

Election of committee members (max 5no)

  • Anne Moore L9230 (Outgoing) proposed by Leinster board
  • Austin Gilligan L11302 (Outgoing) proposed by Leinster board

Motions to be put forward (if any) to the ICTSA AGM

Presentation of awards

Other Business at the sole discretion of the Chairman

Date for 2020 AGM

The names of nominees for election must be notified to chairperson.leinster@gmail.com for Candidates wishing to stand for election for the Provincial Management Committee no later than 7 Clear Days prior to the date of the Provincial AGM. The nomination must be accompanied by acceptance of the nomination by the candidate in writing.

Where no valid nominations are received prior to the deadline set out in paragraph 8.2, nominations may be received from the floor at the Provincial AGM in compliance with all of the above criteria other than the requirement for the proposal to be in writing

The nominee, proposer and seconder of all nominations must all be present at the AGM. No Provincial Member shall be entitled to nominate, propose or second a nomination for election at any Provincial general meeting unless he/she are a paid up members of the ICTSA.

The term of office for all Provincial Committee Members shall be from the end of the Provincial AGM at which they are elected until the end of the following Provincial AGM.