"Lets Get Back" at The John Wickham

   22 Oct 2021

31st October 2021 at the National Shooting Grounds, Esker

This years John Wickham All-rounder memorial shoot will be held at the National Shooting Grounds, Esker on 31st October 2021. 

This is a 100 target competition comprising of: 25 Single Barrel DTL, 25 ABT, 25 NSK and 25 Compak Sporting.

In conjunction with Sport Irelands "Lets get Back to Sport" campaign, we are wavering the entry fee for non-member day-shooters. Day shooters will pay only their day membership to shoot 100 targets across 4 disciplines.*

(*Day shooters must have their own insurance and gun license, and are not entitled to any placings or prizes.)


Entry is available on the day but we ask that you pre-book where possible: 

Book online