Performance Psychology Seminar for ICTSA Members

   09 Nov 2022

1st Decemeber at Sport Ireland Campus with HPD Jeff McCready

PERFORMANCE PSYCHOLOGY seminar with HP Director and Head Coach Jeffrey McCready.

Date: Thursday 1st December 2022, 7pm

Location: Sport Ireland Campus Conference Center

This seminar is subsidised by the ICTSA and is FREE to all ICTSA Members. Limited spaces!

Book now: www.bookwhen.com/ictsa-ar


Relevant to all disciplines!

Are you able to hit all targets, but not every target?

Is missing one or two targets the difference between winning your class or not?

Looking for ways to improve but aren't able to get to the range every week?

Performance psychology could make the difference you are looking for.


Book now: www.bookwhen.com/ictsa-ar