20 Aug 2020


Fellow shooters

You will have seen from my post yesterday that after review we have decided that ICTSA registered events will continue to be held in compliance with the latest guidelines from the HSE.

We have instituted two controls as a result.

Firstly, all shooters will have to pre-book on the ICTSA booking system in order to compete in any ICTSA registered shoot. We have been using this system for sporting events for the past few weeks and the feedback from shooters has been excellent. We will be loading events for other disciplines in the next few days. Book online at bookwhen.com/ictsa

Secondly, all shooters will be required to complete an online questionnaire 24 hours before they are due to shoot in any ICTSA registered event. They will receive a link to the online questionnaire both in the email confirmation at the time of booking, and in a reminder email the day before the competition. Obviously this requires a valid email address to be entered on your booking. If you are doing a booking for multiple shooters please make sure that you have both their email addresses and ICTSA or affiliated membership number as you will need these to complete the booking on their behalf.

The COVID-19 questionnaire can also be accessed on the following link. Please remember that this form is a legally binding submission and must be answered truthfully.



Erig Conway