Tullassa Range Cancels ALL shoots

   17 Nov 2017

With regret Tullassa Range will not be in a position to host ICTSA registered shoots for the foreseeable future. Michael Haren of Tullassa range has expressed his gratitude to the association for their support to him while setting up the ground and during the last number of years. The following changes have been made to the calendar for December and January.

Tullassa shoot on the 26th November will be hosted by Crossmore and the Saturday shoot at Crossmore is cancelled on the 25th November.

Tullassa shoot on Saturday 16th December is cancelled.

Tullassa shoot on St Stephen’s Day 26th December will be hosted by Crossmore.

Tullassa shoot on 14th January will be hosted by Thurles

And Tullassa shoot on the 28th January will be hosted by Crossmore.