Ulster AGM Notice

   25 Nov 2018

The 2018 Ulster AGM will take place on Monday 7th January 2019 in the Mellon Country Inn Hotel, 134 Beltany Road, Omagh, BT78 5RA, at 8:00pm Sharp.


The Minutes of the 2017 Annual General Meeting

• Hon Chairman’s Address:

• Hon Secretary’s Report:

• Financial Report:

Election of Officers:

• Hon Chairman Malachy Quinn RU6706 (Outgoing)

• Hon Treasurer Padriag Galligan RU10690 (Outgoing)

• Hon Secretary Jim McKay RU153G (Outgoing)

Election of Provincial Director’s

• Malachy Quinn RU6706 (Outgoing)

• Charlotte Kennedy RU11160 (Outgoing)

Election of Committee Members (max 5 number)

Malachy Quinn RU6706 (Outgoing)

Jim McKay RU153G (Outgoing)

Charlotte Kennedy RU11160 (Outgoing)

Barry Lynch RU025 (Outgoing)

Padriag Galligan RU10690 (Outgoing)

Motions to be put forward (if any) to the U.C.T.S.A .. AGM

Other Business at the sole discretion of the Chairman

Date for 2019 AGM

Candidates wishing to stand for election for the Provincial Management Committee

• Hon Chairman

• Hon Treasurer

• Hon Secretary

• Two (2no) Provincial Director’s

• Committee members (max 5no).

The names of nominees for election must be notified to the malachyulstericpsa@gmail.com

no later than 7 Clear Days prior to the date of the Provincial AGM. 31st December 2018

A full list of nominees seeking election or re-election to the Provincial Management Committee or as Provincial Representative shall be posted on the www.icpsa.ie no later than 3 Clear Days prior to the date of the Provincial AGM.

The nomination must be accompanied by acceptance of the nomination by the candidate in writing.

Where no valid nominations are received prior to the deadline set out in paragraph 8.2, nominations may be received from the floor at the Provincial AGM in compliance with all of the above criteria other than the requirement for the proposal to be in writing.

The nominee, proposer and seconder of all nominations must all be present at the AGM. No Provincial Member shall be entitled to nominate, propose or second a nomination for election at any Provincial general meeting unless he/she are a paid up members of the ICTSA.

The term of office for all Provincial Committee Members shall be from the end of the Provincial AGM at which they are elected until the end of the following Provincial AGM.

Note From Ulster Chairman:

As I said in last years Chairman's address I am moving onward as life dictates, and having been your Chairman of Ulster now since 2013 I have witnessed and had the pleasure of making many decisions on your behalf in our sport in general at Provincial and National level. It was a position I always enjoyed and was honoured to have been entrusted with the care of our quarter. I encourage every member in Ulster from whatever discipline, to come forward as a member and help our association towards our upcoming centenary year and help the sport.

All I ask is if you have a notion or are approached by a friend please consider putting something back into your sport as I did, I never regretted one moment. I have chosen the venue of this years AGM carefully as to hopefully accommodate and be more central to everyone. I look forward to seeing you on the night.

Yours in Sport

Malachy Quinn (RU6706)

Ulster Chairman

National Director