ULSTER Support for Juniors & Colts

   26 May 2022

Entry Fee reimbursements available

The Ulster provincial committee will reimburse Junior* and Colt* entry fees for the number of Scores it takes to qualify for the HCIT Teams, the list per discipline is below.

This includes compulsories and inter-pros where applicable.

As an added incentive the committee will add another €50 to anyone who is selected for a National Team.

The fees will be refunded at €25 per Shoot.

Refundable Shoots per Discipline:

NSK = 4

OSK = 3

DTL = 9

ABT = 7

OT = 6

ESP = 6



Juniors*/Colts* who have completed the said number of Shoots can request a reclaim form from the UCTSA Secretary: uctsasecretary@gmail.com


*to qualify for these monies a shooters must

be a current RU member of the ICTSA