Leinster DTL Inter-Pro Team
   26 Jun 2019
Final DTL team for the Inter-Pro in Bishops Mountain.

Munster DTL Inter Pro Team 2019
   26 Jun 2019
Munster Team Squads for June 30th 2019 Interprovincial Event

DTL Selection Shoot 3 – Crossmore
   20 Jun 2019
Attached are the squad lists for the DTL selection shoot in Crossmore on the 23rd of

   13 Jun 2019
The sporting inter-pro teams as per the HCIT leaderboard

Leinster ABT Inter-Pro cut-off
   13 Jun 2019
The Leinster Interpro Team Cut-Off Point is Wed 3rd July

OSK ISSF Selection Shoot
   08 Jun 2019
A 2 day selection shoot will take place at Lispopple shooting grounds on the weekend

Leinster DTL Inter-Pro cut-off
   03 Jun 2019
The Cut off point for scores to count towards The 2019 leinster DTL interpro is the

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