To qualify for a team place in 2024, ALL team members will be required to provide proof of the necessary firearms permit for each event. When completing the team acceptance form you will be required to show a copy of your firearms permit for the country you are attending.



General Note

All members should familiarise themselves with the rules and regulations which apply to Ireland Team members. 

Any queries regarding leader boards should be sent to statistical@ictsa.ie 

Any members intending to travel by air should please note that not all flights booked through Aer Lingus.com are in fact operated by the company and the actual carrier in some cases, do not carry firearms. 


Compak Sporting 20th World Championship

Hungary (Tatabánya) on 15th August to 18th August 2024

Teams as follows:

  • Mens - Team of 3 
  • Ladies - Team of 3 
  • Juniors - Team of 3 
  • Veterans - Team of 3
  • Super Veterans - Team of 3

Note FITASC age categories are  defined here  https://www.fitasc.com/uk/content/705, and have slight differences to the age categories as used by ICTSA for domestic competition.

All teams selected as follows:

  • Lowest four scores from any ICTSA registered event  (or Non-ICTSA event see below) from the 14th August 2023 up to and including the 30th June 2023 
  • One lowest point score from a non-ICTSA event  (an event outside Ireland and governed by an affiliated association) can count. Please complete the “Declaration of Score” form, which can be downloaded from the ICTSA website and return to statistical@ictsa.ie. Submission of such form must be within seven days of the event as per rule 7.12 of ICTSA day to day operating rules. Multiple submissions are permissible if your score has improved from a previous declared score.
  • All 4 lowest scores cannot be obtained from the same shooting ground i.e  scores must be counted from at least two different shooting grounds. 
  • Only registered Compak shoots that take place on a Saturday or Sunday or an Irish Bank Holiday will count towards the World Compak Team.
  • Points are calculated from the High Gun of the event, with one point being incurred for every target less than the overall winning score. Selection will be decided based upon the amount of points scored. 
  • In the case of an event being more or less than 100 targets, points scored will be adjusted up or down as appropriate, on a pro-rata basis, to the equivalent points for a 100 target event. 
  • Where a tie occurs for Team selection, unless otherwise stated the next best result of those tied which is NOT being used for Team selection purposes will be compared and the final placing decided. If a tie still occurs, the 2nd best such result shall be compared and so on until the tie is resolved.  In the event that a tied competitor has not completed any other event other than those used for team selection, then the tied competitor that has completed more events will be selected. In the event that tied competitors have completed the same number of events and a tie still occurs after counting all events, then the competitors shall complete a 25 target shoot off for their team place, at a date and venue to be determined by the Sporting Task Group. If they are still tied after 25 targets, the winner shall be decided on a sudden death basis.