ICTSA Selection Policy – ISSF & ESC events, 2023

The mission of the National Executive Board of Directors, Irish Clay Target Shooting Association, is to support ICTSA High Performance athletes to achieve consistent international success at European, World and Olympic levels.

Separate ‘Nomination policies’ for the European Games 2023 and Olympic Games 2024 have been agreed with the Olympic Federation of Ireland (OFI). These are published and available to view on the ICTSA website, under High Performance.

This ‘Selection policy’ for ISSF & ESC events, 2023, has been ratified by the ICTSA High Performance Council (HPC).

Relevant competitions

i) ISSF World Cup’s

ii) ESC European Championships

iii) ISSF World Championships

Team selection

Maximum of 3x athletes, and where permissible, 2x RPO athletes, per event, will be made by the High Performance Council.

Per event means – Individual Skeet Men, Women & Junior and individual Trap Men, Women & Junior.

References to Skeet or Trap means Olympic Skeet & Olympic Trap respectively.

RPO (Ranking Points Only) means – athletes are awarded World/European Ranking points commensurate with their finishing position. However, they cannot progress to the Final Stages (Top 8).

Minimum Consideration Scores (MCS)

MCS have been identified by objective assessment of results as listed in the 2022 selection policy, as well as the 5x ISSF World Cups, European Championships and World Championships during 2022.

They have then been assessed against the lowest relevant score required to meet the current minimum Sport Ireland ‘Carding’ criteria for ‘International’ level. Those are as follows:

· Top 20 at the Olympic Games

· Top 20 at the World Championships

· Top 12 at the European Championships

· Top 10 at an ISSF World Cup

A similar analysis was conducted for results required to qualify for the ‘Top 8’ Final stages, or at least a shoot-off for same.

(The ISSF qualification system for the Paris Olympics, 2024, restricts ‘Quota Places’ being awarded to those in the Final stages (top 8). Athletes must therefore be able to demonstrate a level of performance capable of reaching the final stages at the highest levels of competition)

Based on data from the above analysis, the High Performance Council confirm the same MCS scores will apply for the 2023 season.

MCS-1; 118 Men & 113 Women

MCS-2; 115 Men & 110 Women

MCS-Junior; 105 Men & Women

Given Ireland does not currently hold 125 target competitions on a routine basis, it is only fair, for the lifespan of this policy, the relevant percentage ex 100 targets will be deemed acceptable.

Scores, ex 100, are as follows:

1. Men – MCS-1 94 (118) & MCS-2 92 (115)

2. Women – MCS-1 90 (113) & MCS-2 88 (110)

3. Junior – MCS 84 (105)

Selection system

Priority will be given to ‘Carded’ athletes which demonstrates best value use of public funds as awarded by Sport Ireland.

  • Tier 1 – Podium, then
  • Tier 2 – Podium potential
  • If team places remain unfilled, those from Tier 3 – HP potential, will be considered.

Minimum performance standards

2x verifiable (published) MCS-1 scores, within a 12 month ‘rolling’ period.

Should Team places not be filled, consideration will be given to athletes who have achieved a minimum of 2x verifiable (published) MCS-2 scores during the ‘rolling’ period.

Rolling period means – 1st January 2022 to 1st January 2023, 1st February 2022 to 1st February, March to March etc. etc. etc. Dates are inclusive.

Order of validity - MCS scores.

1. ISSF standard ‘course of fire’; 125 targets, over 2 or 3 days

2. 125 targets on 1 day

3. 100 targets on 1 day

ISSF ‘Grand Prix’ events

To provide developmental opportunities, athletes wishing to represent Ireland at an ISSF ‘Grand Prix’ event must have obtained the minimum of 1x verifiable (published) MCS-2, within the 12 month ‘rolling’ period.

Notes for guidance:

1. MCS standards are necessarily high to compete successfully in an increasingly professional sporting environment. This also consistent with the Sport Ireland strategy.

2. ICTSA High Performance Council are not obliged to fill all available Team or RPO places for any event.

Applications are invited from athletes who can evidence achievement of the required MCS-1 or MCS-2 scores.

This policy will be reviewed and updated, where necessary, during the 2023 season and in full prior to the 2024 season.

Please find attached:

Appendix ‘A’ – Pro-forma, Competitions to be considered for

Appendix ‘B’ – Pro-forma, relevant MCS scores (rolling 12 months)

Jeffrey C. McCready

High Performance Director, ICTSA

18th January 2023